Writing Assistant Resume Example & Writing Guide

Writing Assistant Resume Example
Learn how to write a winning Writing Assistant resume with our example & guide. Highlight your skills, achievements & education to stand out to employers.
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Writing Assistant Resume Sample


To obtain a position as a Writing Assistant at a reputable company where I can utilize my writing skills to help clients create effective and engaging content.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in English, XYZ University
  • Master’s Degree in Writing, ABC College


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Proficient in grammar and punctuation
  • Excellent research and analytical skills
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines
  • Knowledge of APA, MLA, and Chicago citation styles
  • Experience using Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Adobe Acrobat


Writing Assistant, XYZ Agency

  • Collaborated with clients to create content for websites, social media platforms, and marketing materials
  • Reviewed and edited client work for accuracy, grammar, and style
  • Conducted research on various topics to enhance client content
  • Managed multiple projects and met deadlines on time
  • Provided excellent customer service and communication with clients

Freelance Writer, Self-Employed

  • Developed content for various clients, including blog articles, e-books, product descriptions, and website copy
  • Collaborated with clients to understand their needs and create customized content
  • Managed multiple projects and met deadlines on time without supervision

Volunteer Experience:

Writing Tutor, ABC College Writing Center

  • Assisted students with writing assignments and helped them to develop their writing skills
  • Provided guidance on grammar, punctuation, and organization of ideas
  • Collaborated with the Writing Center team to provide effective services for students

Writer, XYZ Online Journal

  • Contributed articles on various topics related to health, wellness, and lifestyle
  • Researched topics to ensure accuracy and quality of content
  • Collaborated with the editorial team to meet publication deadlines and maintain consistency

Expert Tip

Focus on Your Achievements

Your resume should showcase what you've accomplished in your career. Instead of listing daily tasks, emphasize your achievements, demonstrating your value with real-world examples.

Writing Assistant Resume Writing Guide


If you have experience assisting writers, editors, or other content creators, you may be looking to showcase your skills on your Writing Assistant resume. A strong resume can help you stand out to potential employers and demonstrate your value as a writing specialist. Here are some tips to help you write a compelling Writing Assistant resume.

1. Highlight your skills and experience

One of the most important sections of your Writing Assistant resume will be your skills and experience. Make sure to list all of the skills you have that are relevant to the position you're applying for, including experience with content creation, editing, research, and more. If you have held previous positions as a Writing Assistant or in a similar role, be sure to describe your duties and accomplishments in those positions as well.

  • Highlight relevant skills such as writing, editing, research, and social media management
  • List any previous positions or relevant experience you have in the field
  • Include any relevant certifications or training in writing or editing

2. Showcase your accomplishments

Employers want to see evidence of your past accomplishments and successes. Make sure to include specific examples of your work and any metrics that demonstrate your impact as a Writing Assistant. Include any projects or campaigns you have worked on as well as any awards or recognition you may have received.

  • Include specific examples of past work or projects you have contributed to
  • Include metrics such as engagement rates or conversion rates to show impact
  • List any awards or recognition you have received

3. Tailor your resume to the job description

To make sure that your Writing Assistant resume stands out to potential employers, it's important to tailor it to the job listing you're applying for. Read the job description carefully and make sure to incorporate the keywords and language used in the description into your resume. This will help ensure that your resume is seen by the right people and that you are considered a strong candidate for the position.

  • Use keywords and language from the job listing in your resume
  • Show that you have the skills and experience desired by the employer
  • Be specific about how you can contribute to the company and its goals


Writing Assistant positions can be highly competitive, but with a strong resume, you can stand out as a top candidate. Make sure to highlight your skills and experience, showcase your accomplishments, and tailor your resume to the job description to ensure that you make a strong impression on potential employers.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Listing Duties, Not Accomplishments

Your resume should highlight your accomplishments, not just your job duties. Highlighting your achievements showcases the value you could bring to a new role.

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