Veterinary Technician Resume Example & Writing Guide

Veterinary Technician Resume Example
Create a personalized veterinary technician resume with our writing guide. Highlight your skills and experience to land your dream job in animal care.
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Veterinary Technician Resume Sample

Veterinary Technician with over 5 years of experience in animal care seeking a position in a veterinary clinic or hospital where I can apply my skills and knowledge to improve the health and well-being of animals under my care.

Professional Experience

  • Veterinary Technician

    Happy Paws Animal Hospital, Anytown USA

    June 2016 - Present

    • Assist veterinarians in performing medical procedures, surgeries, and diagnostic tests
    • Administer medications and vaccines as prescribed by the veterinarian
    • Monitor and record vital signs, anesthesia, and recovery of animals
    • Care for hospitalized pets, including feeding, walking, and providing comfort and attention
    • Communicate with clients regarding animal care and treatment plans
    • Maintain medical records and inventory of supplies and medications
  • Veterinary Assistant

    Pet Care Clinic, Somewhere USA

    January 2014 - May 2016

    • Assisted veterinarians and technicians with medical procedures and treatments
    • Provided basic animal care, including feeding, walking, and bathing
    • Cleaned and maintained the clinic and animal enclosures
    • Assisted with client communication and record keeping
    • Managed inventory of supplies and equipment

Education and Certifications

  • Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology

    State College, Anytown USA

    Graduated May 2014

  • Certified Veterinary Technician

    National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America

    Issued July 2014

Expert Tip

Include Contact Information

Always include current contact information. Make sure employers have a way to reach you, whether it's by phone, email, or a professional networking site.

Veterinary Technician Resume Writing Guide


If you're applying to become a veterinary technician, you'll need to write a compelling resume. Your resume should highlight your skills and experience in the veterinary field, as well as your passion for animals and commitment to providing excellent care.

Tips for Writing a Veterinarian Technician Resume:

  • Start with a strong summary or objective statement.
  • List your relevant skills, such as animal handling, laboratory testing, and client communication.
  • Include your education and training in veterinary technology.
  • Include your licensure as a veterinary technician, if you have it.
  • Highlight your experience working with animals, whether in a veterinary office or another setting.
  • Use action verbs to describe your accomplishments, such as "performed x-rays" and "administered medications."
  • Emphasize your commitment to the welfare and care of animals, and any volunteering or animal rescue work you've done.
  • Proofread carefully and ask a friend or colleague to review your resume before submitting it.

Sample Veterinary Technician Resume:

Here's an example of a strong veterinary technician resume:

  • Objective: Experienced and certified veterinary technician seeking a position at a reputable animal hospital.
  • Skills: Animal handling, laboratory testing, client communication, vaccine administration, dental cleaning, radiology, anesthesia monitoring.
  • Education: Associate's degree in veterinary technology from XYZ College.
  • Licensure: Certified veterinary technician (CVT) in the state of ABC.
  • Experience: Two years of experience as a veterinary technician at XYZ Animal Hospital.
  • Accomplishments: Administered over 500 vaccines and performed over 100 dental cleanings.
  • Volunteer Work: Volunteer at Animal Rescue Center, providing medication and care for cats and dogs.

Remember, your resume is your chance to showcase your skills and experience in the veterinary field. Use your resume to highlight your commitment to animal welfare and care, as well as your technical skills and expertise.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Lying or Exaggerating

Honesty is critical on your resume. Any form of lying or exaggerating about your experience or skills could lead to consequences when the truth is discovered.

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