Technology Sales Resume Example & Writing Guide

Technology Sales Resume Example
Improve your chances of landing a technology sales job with our resume example and writing guide. Perfect your application and stand out from the competition.
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Technology Sales Resume Sample

Professional Summary

Experienced technology sales professional with expertise in selling enterprise software solutions. Proven track record of achieving sales targets and building strong customer relationships. Exceptional communication and negotiation skills.


  • Sales Manager

    ABC Software Solutions, New York, NY (2016-Present)

    • Develop and execute sales strategies to increase revenue and market share for enterprise software solutions
    • Manage a team of 10 sales representatives and provide mentorship and coaching to achieve sales targets
    • Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders at client organizations
    • Collaborate with product development team to provide customer feedback and input for product enhancements
  • Senior Account Executive

    DEF Software, San Francisco, CA (2012-2016)

    • Developed and maintained a pipeline of qualified sales opportunities by conducting targeted outreach to new and existing clients
    • Worked with clients to understand their business needs and develop customized solutions to meet those needs
    • Negotiated contracts and pricing with clients to ensure profitability and success for both parties
    • Cultivated strong relationships with key stakeholders at client organizations


  • Enterprise software sales
  • Customer relationship management
  • Communication and negotiation
  • Sales strategy development and execution
  • Market analysis and research

Expert Tip

Use a Professional Email Address

Your email address is often the first thing an employer sees. Make sure it's a professional one that includes your name. Avoid using outdated or non-professional email addresses.

Technology Sales Resume Writing Guide


A resume is a formal document that outlines an individual's qualifications and experiences that make them suitable for a job position. Writing a technology sales resume requires a lot of attention to detail and a clear understanding of the job requirements. If you are interested in pursuing a career in technology sales, then this guide will help you write a powerful and effective resume that will get you noticed by recruiters and employers.

1. Start with a clear objective or summary statement

The objective statement in your resume should be clear and concise, highlighting your primary skills, experiences, and qualifications. It should be specific to the job you are applying for, and it should show what you can offer to the employer. A strong objective statement will grab the employer's attention and convince them to read further.

  • Clearly state your experience in technology sales
  • Identify the job you are applying for
  • Highlight your key skills and qualifications

2. Emphasize your key skills and achievements

Your resume should highlight your key skills and achievements in technology sales. Be specific and clear about your abilities and how they have contributed to the success of previous sales efforts. This will help the employer understand what you can bring to their organization, and it will make your resume stand out from others.

  • Identify your key sales skills such as customer relationship management, sales strategy development, and effective communication
  • Provide examples of successful sales efforts, including sales figures, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction rates
  • Showcase your knowledge of technology products and services

3. Provide details about your work experience

Your work experience section is your opportunity to demonstrate your professional experience in technology sales. This section should be detailed, outlining your role and responsibilities in each position you have held. It should also include any major achievements or accomplishments during your time in each role.

  • Provide detailed descriptions of your previous job roles and responsibilities
  • Identify any major achievements such as exceeding sales targets or developing innovative sales strategies
  • Highlight any relevant work experience in technology sales, even if it was in a different industry

4. Include your education and certifications

Your education and relevant certifications are important proof of your skills and qualifications. List your education and relevant certifications, including the school or institution you attended, your degree or certification type, and the date it was awarded.

  • List your highest level of education
  • Include any relevant certifications, such as Certified Sales Professional (CSP) or Certified Sales Executive (CSE)
  • List any relevant training courses or seminars you have attended that relate to technology sales

5. Use action verbs and keywords

Your resume should be written using strong action verbs and industry-specific keywords. Use words that accurately describe your skills and accomplishments, and that relate to your experience in technology sales. This will help your resume stand out from others and will also ensure that applicant tracking software (ATS) can find your resume.

  • Use action verbs like "managed," "developed," "achieved," and "created" to describe your skills and experiences
  • Incorporate industry-specific keywords such as "sales process," "lead generation," and "customer relationship management"
  • Ensure that your resume is optimized for ATS by reviewing the job posting to determine relevant keywords


In conclusion, writing a technology sales resume requires careful consideration of your skills, experiences, and qualifications. Make sure that you customize your resume for each job application, highlighting your key skills and accomplishments in technology sales. Use action verbs and industry-specific keywords to make your resume stand out from others and ensure that it is optimized for ATS. With these tips in mind, you can write a powerful and effective technology sales resume that will get you noticed by recruiters and employers.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Not Including a LinkedIn URL

Not including a LinkedIn URL could mean missed opportunities. Many hiring managers expect it and it can provide more detailed information than your resume.

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