Restaurant Supervisor Resume Example & Writing Guide

Restaurant Supervisor Resume Example
This Restaurant Supervisor resume example and writing guide provides essential tips and guidance to help you land your next job in the food service industry.
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Restaurant Supervisor Resume Sample


Experienced and dynamic Restaurant Supervisor with over 5 years of experience in supervising daily operations, managing staff, and maintaining excellent customer service. Highly skilled in ensuring food quality, hygiene, and safety protocols are adhered to while managing the budget and achieving revenue targets.

Professional Experience:

  • Restaurant Supervisor

    ABC Restaurant, New York, NY - 2016 till present

    • Manage daily operations, staff, and customer service standards to ensure smooth and efficient restaurant functioning
    • Train and supervise restaurant staff to ensure strict compliance with health and safety regulations
    • Create innovative and seasonal menus to elevate the dining experience and boost revenue
    • Oversee inventory and ordering of supplies, reducing waste and minimizing costs
    • Ensure quality control and consistency of food and beverage offerings, achieving customer satisfaction and repeat business
  • Assistant Manager

    DEF Cafe, Philadelphia, PA - 2013-2015

    • Assisted in managing and supervising staff, ensuring excellent customer service and adherence to hygiene and safety protocols
    • Managed inventory, ordering, and reducing waste, while maintaining budget constraints
    • Handled customer complaints and resolved issues swiftly, achieving high customer satisfaction scores
    • Assisted in creating and introducing new seasonal menus, achieving a 10% increase in revenue
  • Server

    GHI Restaurant, Boston, MA - 2011-2013

    • Provided excellent customer service to guests, offering menu recommendations and ensuring their satisfaction
    • Managed and organized seating arrangements and reservations, accommodating preferences and special requests
    • Assisted in maintaining hygiene and safety protocols while ensuring customer satisfaction


  • Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, XYZ University, 2011

Expert Tip

Highlight Relevant Skills

List the skills that are most relevant to the job you're applying for. Highlight both hard skills (like programming) and soft skills (like communication).

Restaurant Supervisor Resume Writing Guide


If you are a restaurant supervisor looking for a new job or simply want to update your resume for future opportunities, it is important to highlight your skills and accomplishments. Your resume should showcase your experience in managing a team, providing excellent customer service, and ensuring smooth operations in a fast-paced environment. Below are some tips on how to write a restaurant supervisor resume that will catch the attention of potential employers.

1. Begin with a strong objective statement

Your objective statement should be brief and to the point, describing your career goals and what you bring to the table as a restaurant supervisor. Make sure that it is tailored to the specific job you are applying for, and avoid generic statements that could apply to any industry.

2. Highlight your experience in managing a team

As a restaurant supervisor, your role is to lead and motivate your team to provide excellent service and maintain high standards. Make sure to highlight your experience in managing staff, including scheduling, training, and performance management. Use specific examples to showcase your leadership and communication skills and how you have helped your team achieve goals.

3. Showcase your Knowledge of Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is critical in the restaurant industry. Show that you understand this by highlighting how you have exceeded customer expectations in the past. Focus on specific examples of how you have dealt with challenging situations and how you have helped create a positive dining experience for customers.

4. Highlight your Operational Skills

A restaurant supervisor plays an integral role in ensuring smooth operations and efficient processes. Showcase your experience in managing inventory, controlling costs, and maintaining compliance with health and safety standards. This will demonstrate that you can handle the day-to-day operations of a restaurant and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

5. Use Action-Oriented Language

Use strong action verbs to describe your accomplishments and responsibilities. This will help your resume stand out and demonstrate how you have actively contributed to the success of your team and the restaurant. Words such as “led,” “created,” “implemented,” “improved,” and “achieved” can help convey your impact on the business.

6. Tailor your resume to the position

Make sure to tailor your resume to the specific position you are applying for. Read the job description carefully and ensure that your skills, experience, and accomplishments align with the requirements. Use keywords from the job description throughout your resume, as many employers use applicant tracking software to scan resumes for specific keywords.


Writing a restaurant supervisor resume can be challenging, but it is essential to showcase your skills and accomplishments to potential employers. Highlight your experience in managing a team, providing excellent customer service, and ensuring smooth operations, and use action-oriented language to describe your impact. Finally, tailor your resume to the specific position you are applying for to increase your chances of landing an interview.

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Common Resume Writing Mistake

Ignoring Gaps in Employment

Unexplained employment gaps can raise red flags for employers. Be sure to explain these gaps in a cover letter or during the interview process.

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