Refrigeration Engineer Resume Example & Writing Guide

Refrigeration Engineer Resume Example
Looking for a job as a refrigeration engineer? Check out this resume example and writing guide to create a winning application. Learn more here.
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Refrigeration Engineer Resume Sample

Personal Information

Name: John Doe

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 123-456-7890


Refrigeration engineer with 5 years of experience in designing and implementing refrigeration systems. Skilled in troubleshooting and repairing refrigeration equipment. Proficient in using CAD software to design systems and conducting feasibility studies.

Professional Experience

Refrigeration Engineer

ABC Company, Anytown USA | 2016 - Present

  • Design and implement refrigeration systems for commercial and industrial clients
  • Conduct feasibility studies to determine the most efficient and cost-effective refrigeration solutions for clients
  • Troubleshoot and repair refrigeration equipment to ensure smooth operations
  • Collaborate with other engineers and stakeholders to ensure compliance with industry standards and client specifications

Refrigeration Technician

XYZ Corporation, Anytown USA | 2014 - 2016

  • Assisted in the installation and repair of refrigeration systems for various clients
  • Maintained and serviced refrigeration equipment to ensure efficient operation
  • Performed preventive maintenance to avoid equipment breakdowns
  • Prepared reports on equipment performance and maintenance activities


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

University of Anytown, Anytown USA | 2014

  • Specialized in refrigeration engineering
  • Awarded with the Dean’s List recognition for academic excellence


  • Proficient in using CAD software for system design
  • Skilled in troubleshooting and repairing refrigeration equipment
  • Excellent communication and team collaboration skills
  • Adept at conducting feasibility studies to determine optimal solutions for clients

Expert Tip

Use Action Verbs

Start your bullet points with action verbs like 'led', 'managed', 'developed', etc. This helps highlight your skills and abilities in an energetic and straightforward way.

Refrigeration Engineer Resume Writing Guide


Refrigeration engineers design and maintain cooling systems in different industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemical. They ensure that these systems are efficient and safe. A resume is the first step in securing a position in this field; it needs to showcase your skills, experience, and education. Here are some tips on how to write a strong refrigeration engineer resume.

1. Begin With a Strong Summary

Your resume needs to catch the hiring manager's attention immediately. Begin with a strong summary that highlights your experience, education, and qualifications. Keep it concise and to the point, and make sure it is tailored to the specific job you're applying for.

2. Highlight Your Education and Certifications

A degree in mechanical or electrical engineering is typically required, as well as certification in refrigeration, such as a Certificate of Competency in Refrigeration (CoC). Mention these qualifications clearly on your resume.

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of XYZ, 20XX
  • Certificate of Competency in Refrigeration, XYZ Institution, 20XX

3. Emphasize Your Work Experience

Provide specific details about your work experience as a refrigeration engineer, including the industries you've worked in and the projects you've been involved in. Highlight your accomplishments and the results you've achieved.

  • Optimized cooling systems for a food and beverage company, resulting in a 15% reduction in energy costs
  • Created a maintenance schedule to ensure compliance with safety regulations

4. List Your Technical Skills

Refrigeration engineers need to have a broad range of technical skills, including knowledge of cooling systems, refrigerants, and electrical systems. Highlight your technical skills with the following examples:

  • Proficient in computer-aided design (CAD) software
  • Expertise in ammonia refrigeration systems

5. Use Keywords

Employers use keyword searches to find the most relevant resumes, so make sure to include industry-specific words throughout your resume. For example:

  • Refrigeration systems
  • Cooling towers
  • Evaporative condensers


A well-crafted resume can open the doors to a rewarding career as a refrigeration engineer. Follow these tips to ensure that your application stands out from the crowd and lands you an interview.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Including References

It's not necessary to include references on your resume unless requested. It is understood that they are available upon request.

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