Proofreader Resume Example & Writing Guide

Proofreader Resume Example
Learn how to create an impressive proofreader resume with our example and writing guide. Perfect for enhancing your career in editing and publishing.
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Proofreader Resume Sample

Experienced and detail-oriented Proofreader with a strong background in language and grammar. Possessing exceptional verbal and written communication skills and a keen eye for spotting errors.

Professional Experience

  • The Edit Factory, San Francisco, CA
    Proofreader, June 2017 - Present
    • Review and edit various types of documents such as manuscripts, contracts, marketing materials and websites.
    • Check for typos, grammar, punctuation, consistency and accuracy.
    • Ensure that the content adheres to the client's style guide and meets the client's requirements and expectations.
    • Communicate with clients and other members of the editing team to ensure that the client's needs are met.
  • The Language Company, New York, NY
    Copy Editor, July 2015 - May 2017
    • Edited and corrected content for various types of publications, including magazines, newspapers and websites.
    • Checked for grammar, punctuation, style and consistency.
    • Developed and maintained relationships with editors, writers and publishers.
    • Assisted in the creation and development of new publications.


  • BA in English, California State University East Bay, Hayward, CA, May 2015

Expert Tip

Proofread Carefully

Typos or grammatical errors can leave a bad impression. Always proofread your resume multiple times, and consider having a friend or mentor check it as well.

Proofreader Resume Writing Guide


A proofreader is a crucial part of the publishing industry. They are responsible for checking for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and ensuring that the text is readable and clear. If you're looking to begin your career as a proofreader, it is important to create a resume that highlights your skills, experience, and qualifications. In this guide, we will go through the step by step process of how to write a proofreader resume.

Gather Your Information

Before you begin writing your proofreader resume, make sure you gather all the essential information such as your name, contact information, educational qualifications, work experience, skills, and certifications. This information will help you write a resume that stands out to potential employers and showcases why you are the best candidate for the job.

Create a Professional Summary

The first section of your proofreader resume should be a professional summary. This section should be a short paragraph that highlights your skills and experience in the industry. Mention your years of experience, your expertise, and the type of work you have done as a proofreader. This summary should be eye-catching and compelling to draw in the employer's attention.

Showcase Your Education and Qualifications

The next section of your proofreader resume should be your education and qualifications. List your highest degree or education level and any relevant certifications you have earned. This section will demonstrate that you have the necessary education and knowledge required to be a successful proofreader.

Highlight Your Work Experience

Your work experience is the most critical section of your proofreader resume. In this section, showcase your previous work experience as a proofreader, including your job title, the name of the company, and your job duties and responsibilities. Highlight your accomplishments, and quantify them with any significant numbers such as the number of projects you have worked on or the percentage of errors you have caught. Make sure to use bullet points for this section to make it easy to read.

List Your Skills

The skills section is essential for any resume, but particularly for a proofreader resume. List any relevant skills you have acquired throughout your career, including technical skills such as knowledge of proofreading software, writing skills such as a strong grasp of grammar and spelling, and soft skills such as excellent time management and communication.


Your proofreader resume is an essential tool in securing your dream job. Make sure to gather all the necessary information, create a professional summary, highlight your education and qualifications, showcase your work experience, and list your skills. By following these steps and using HTML markup, you can create a clean and professional-looking resume that will attract potential employers and land you your dream job as a proofreader.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Not Including a LinkedIn URL

Not including a LinkedIn URL could mean missed opportunities. Many hiring managers expect it and it can provide more detailed information than your resume.

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