Professor Resume Example & Writing Guide

Professor Resume Example
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Professor Resume Sample

Professor Resume

Name: John Doe

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 555-555-5555


  • Ph.D. in Biology, University of California, Los Angeles
  • M.S. in Biology, University of California, Los Angeles
  • B.S. in Biology, University of California, Berkeley

Teaching Experience

  • Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Michigan, 2010-present
  • Guest Lecturer, University of California, Los Angeles, 2009-2010
  • Teaching Assistant, University of California, Los Angeles, 2005-2009

Research Experience

  • Researcher, University of Michigan, 2010-present
  • Researcher, University of California, Los Angeles, 2005-2010


  • Doe, J. et al. "The Effects of Climate Change on Biodiversity in California." Nature, vol. 123, no. 4, 2018.
  • Doe, J. and Smith, A. "The Evolution of Warbler Feathers." Journal of Avian Biology, vol. 25, no. 2, 2010.

Expert Tip

Avoid Personal Pronouns

Your resume is a formal document. Avoid using personal pronouns like 'I', 'me', or 'my'. Instead, start your sentences with verbs.

Professor Resume Writing Guide


Writing a professor resume can be a daunting task. A professor is a highly respected position, and prospective candidates are expected to have a comprehensive academic background, teaching experience, and research skills.

Tips for writing a professor resume:

  • Highlight your education qualifications and academic achievements. Include your academic degrees, certifications, and awards. Also, mention your areas of specialization.
  • Emphasize your teaching experience. Add details about the courses you have taught, your teaching methodology, and any innovative pedagogical practices you used. Mention any accolades, awards, or recognition you have received for teaching.
  • Include details on your research experience. Mention any grants for research and publications in academic journals. Detail your research expertise, such as conducting surveys, fieldwork, experiments, or data analysis. Mention your research affiliations and collaborations with other academic institutions, organizations, or industries that have boosted your research expertise.
  • Incorporate your administrative and leadership experience. Although this is not a mandatory requirement, it is desirable for a professor to have some administrative experience. Highlight details on your departmental or university-wide committees, administrative roles, or leadership positions you have held.
  • Include details on your extracurricular activities and community engagements. Detail your contributions to academic societies, professional organizations, or philanthropic associations. Mention any volunteer work, mentoring, or training programs you have participated in.
  • Ensure that the resume is legible and well-structured with bullet points. A professor's resume should be concise, well-formatted and demonstrate exemplary writing skills.
  • Highlight your technical skills such as proficiency in software for academic research. Furthermore, demonstrate skill in the teaching and platform technology you are well-versed in.


Writing an impressive professor resume involves showcasing your academic qualifications, teaching experience, research skills, and administrative capabilities. A well-written resume utilizing the above tips can impress recruiters and set you apart from other candidates as a skilled and reputable professor.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Lengthy Resumes

Overly long resumes can make it difficult for hiring managers to find the most important information. Try to keep your resume concise and to the point, generally between 1-2 pages.

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