Prepress Resume Example & Writing Guide

Prepress Resume Example
Craft a winning prepress resume using our example and writing guide. Learn the tips and tricks to stand out to hiring managers in the industry.
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Prepress Resume Sample


To secure a position in a reputable printing company as a Prepress Technician, where my expertise in graphic design and thorough knowledge of prepress technology can be of value in ensuring consistent quality and efficient production workflows.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design, XYZ University, 2010 - 2014
  • Certificate in Prepress Technology, ABC Institute of Technology, 2015


  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Ability to create and edit PDF files for prepress
  • Experience in color management and calibration of output devices
  • Knowledge of various printing processes (offset, digital, flexographic, etc.)
  • Ability to troubleshoot issues in prepress files and address them efficiently
  • Familiarity with preflighting software and prepress workflows


  • Prepress Technician - LMN Printing Company (2015 - present)
    • Prepare and process prepress files for various printing processes
    • Collaborate with design team and clients to ensure print-ready files are submitted
    • Perform color corrections and editing as needed
    • Manage digital file archive of projects
    • Implement and maintain preflighting software for increased efficiency and accuracy
  • Graphic Designer - RST Marketing (2014 - 2015)
    • Create and design marketing collateral for clients
    • Prepare files for print production
    • Collaborate with team to develop effective marketing strategies
    • Attend client meetings and present design concepts
    • Provide print production support as needed

Expert Tip

Use a Good Resume Format

Choosing the right resume format is critical. Whether it's chronological, functional, or a combination, make sure it best showcases your experience and skills.

Prepress Resume Writing Guide


Prepress professionals play a crucial role in the printing industry. They are responsible for preparing digital files and ensuring that they are print-ready. For those looking to land a job in prepress, a well-crafted resume is essential. Here are some great tips on how to write a prepress resume that will impress potential employers:

1. Start with a clear objective

Your resume should start with a clear objective statement that communicates your career goals and what you can bring to the position. Be specific and tailor your objective statement to the job you are applying for. For example, "To obtain a prepress technician position where I can utilize my experience with Adobe Creative Suite to prepare high-quality digital files for printing."

2. Highlight your technical skills

In the prepress industry, technical skills are critical. Make sure to highlight your proficiency with industry-specific software and tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, preflighting software, and digital presses. List any certifications or training you have received in these areas as well.

3. Emphasize your attention to detail

In prepress, mistakes can be costly. That's why it's essential to emphasize your attention to detail in your resume. Use specific examples of how you have caught and corrected errors in digital files or how you have trouble-shot technical issues in prepress workflows.

4. Include relevant work experience

Employers want to know that you have relevant experience in prepress. List any previous jobs where you worked with digital files, color management, and print production. Be sure to include any accomplishments and quantify them wherever possible.

5. Include a portfolio of work

A portfolio of work is an excellent way to showcase your prepress skills. Include examples of digital files you have prepared, color corrections you have made, and any other relevant work samples. Ensure that your portfolio is well-organized and easy to navigate.


With these tips, you can create a prepress resume that stands out from the crowd. Highlight your technical skills and attention to detail, and showcase your relevant work experience through a clear objective statement and a well-organized portfolio. With these elements, you'll be well on your way to landing your next prepress job.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

No Action Verbs

Not using action verbs can result in a flat and uninspiring resume. Begin your bullet points with strong action verbs to help illustrate your experience.

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