Pilot Resume Example & Writing Guide

Pilot Resume Example
Learn how to create an impressive pilot resume with our writing guide and examples. Stand out from the competition and land your dream job!
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Pilot Resume Sample

Personal Information

John Smith

123 Main Street, Anytown USA 12345

Phone: 123-456-7890

Email: [email protected]

Flight Experience

  • 5000+ hours of flight time
  • FAA Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rated
  • Commercial multi-engine rated
  • Instrument rated
  • Flight Instructor rated
  • Experience flying a variety of aircraft including Boeing 737, Airbus A320, Cessna 172, and Piper PA-28

Education and Certifications

  • Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Science from Anytown University
  • FAA Medical Certificate
  • FAA Flight Dispatcher Certificate
  • FAA Advanced Ground Instructor Certificate
  • FAA Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate

Employment History

  • Pilot at XYZ Airlines (2010-present)
  • Pilot at ABC Charter (2005-2010)
  • Flight Instructor at Anytown University (2002-2005)

Expert Tip

Proofread Carefully

Typos or grammatical errors can leave a bad impression. Always proofread your resume multiple times, and consider having a friend or mentor check it as well.

Pilot Resume Writing Guide


If you're dreaming of becoming a pilot, you need to know how to write a pilot resume. A strong resume will help you stand out from the competition and get hired for your dream job. Here are some tips to help you write a pilot resume that will make a lasting impression on future employers.

Section 1: Contact Information

The first section of your pilot resume should include your contact information. This includes your full name, email address, phone number, and home address. Make sure your email address is professional and your phone number is up-to-date.

Section 2: Objective Statement

Your objective statement should be a brief statement that summarizes your goals as a pilot. This statement should be tailored to the specific job you're applying for. Make sure it's concise and impactful.

Section 3: Education

  • List your education in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent degree.
  • Include the name of the institution, the location, and the year you graduated.
  • If you earned any academic honors or achievements, include those here.

Section 4: Flight Experience

  • Include all of your flight experience, including flight hours, types of aircraft flown, and any additional certifications or licenses.
  • If you have any military flight experience, be sure to highlight that here.
  • Include any other relevant training or experience you have in the aviation field.

Section 5: Professional Experience

  • List all relevant work experience, starting with your most recent position.
  • Use bullet points to describe your responsibilities and accomplishments in each role.
  • Quantify your achievements whenever possible. For example, "Managed a team of 10 flight attendants" is more impressive than "Managed flight attendants."

Section 6: Skills

  • List any relevant skills you have that aren't covered in other sections of your resume.
  • This can include things like foreign languages, computer skills, or specialized training.


A strong pilot resume is critical to your success in the aviation industry. Follow these tips and use them to create a winning resume that will help you achieve your dream of flying for a living.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Listing Duties, Not Accomplishments

Your resume should highlight your accomplishments, not just your job duties. Highlighting your achievements showcases the value you could bring to a new role.

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