Office Support Resume Example & Writing Guide

Office Support Resume Example
Get your hands on the best Office Support resume examples and writing guide to stand out from the competition. Learn how to showcase your skills and ace that job interview!
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Office Support Resume Sample

Professional Summary

Highly organized and detail-oriented Office Support professional with over five years of experience in administrative and clerical duties. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and skilled in managing schedules, coordinating meetings, and handling phone calls. Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to work efficiently both independently and in a team environment.

Work Experience

  • Office Support Specialist

    ABC Company, Anytown, USA | Jan 2019 - Present

    • Manage incoming calls and emails, redirecting them to the appropriate personnel
    • Coordinate meetings and schedule appointments for executive staff and follow up on action items
    • Process and file confidential information, ensuring accuracy and completeness
    • Assist in office inventory management and ordering necessary office supplies
  • Administrative Assistant

    XYZ Firm, Anytown, USA | Mar 2017 - Dec 2018

    • Managed the reception desk and greeted clients and visitors, assisting them with inquiries and directing them to the appropriate personnel
    • Handled sensitive company information and documents with confidentiality
    • Scheduled appointments and arranged travel itineraries for executive staff
    • Prepared and reviewed documents, reports, and correspondences


  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

    State University, Anytown, USA | Sep 2015 - May 2019


  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Ability to multitask and handle multiple priorities

Expert Tip

Include Volunteer Experience

Volunteer experience can be just as valuable as paid experience. If it's relevant to the job, don't hesitate to include it on your resume.

Office Support Resume Writing Guide


When it comes to applying for an office support position, creating a well-crafted resume should be the first step in landing an interview. A strong office support resume showcases your relevant skills and experience, and it should reflect your professionalism and ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Here are some essential tips to keep in mind as you write your office support resume:

  • Start with a strong objective statement: Begin your resume with a clear and concise objective statement that highlights your career goals. Avoid using vague language and be specific about what you have to offer the employer.
  • Showcase your skills: As an office support professional, you will need to possess a range of skills, including effective communication, attention to detail, and organizational abilities. Make sure that your resume highlights these skills by listing them in a separate section or incorporating them into your work experience descriptions.
  • Provide specific examples: Whenever possible, use specific examples to illustrate your achievements and contributions in your previous office support roles. Consider showcasing your ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently, whether through coordinating events or keeping track of administrative tasks for a large team.
  • Highlight your software experience: As an office support professional, you will need to have experience with a range of software programs, such as Microsoft Office Suite and Google Suite. Be sure to include a list of the specific programs you are proficient in and any relevant certifications you hold.
  • Emphasize your education: While relevant work experience is crucial for an office support role, be sure to include your education as well. List the degree(s) you hold, the institution(s) you attended, and any relevant coursework that will demonstrate your qualifications for the position.
  • Use bullet points and action verbs: Bullet points and action verbs make your resume more readable and concise while highlighting your accomplishments. Use strong, active verbs like "managed," "coordinated," "assisted," and "organized" to describe your responsibilities and accomplishments in each role.
  • Proofread: Before submitting your resume, be sure to proofread it for errors and typos. Consider enlisting the help of a friend or colleague to review it as well, as they may notice errors or inconsistencies that you missed.


Creating an effective office support resume is essential for landing your next career move. By highlighting your skills, experience, and accomplishments in a clear and concise manner, you can demonstrate your value to potential employers and increase your chances of landing an interview. Remember to keep it professional, proofread it for errors, and showcase your unique skills and experience in a way that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Not Customizing Your Resume

Every job and employer is different, so it's essential to tailor your resume to each job you're applying for. Failing to do so may make it seem like you're not genuinely interested in the position.

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