Network Operations Manager Resume Example & Writing Guide

Network Operations Manager Resume Example
Learn how to craft a winning Network Operations Manager resume with our expert writing guide and example. Get hired and advance your career today.
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Network Operations Manager Resume Sample

Professional Summary:

Experienced Network Operations Manager with over 10 years of experience leading teams to manage and ensure network stability and performance. Effective communicator with strong interpersonal skills and a track record of successful project management.

Work Experience:

  • Network Operations Manager

    ABC Company | New York, NY

    June 2017 - Present

    • Direct and manage a team of network engineers to maintain network infrastructure for a large enterprise with over 100 locations across the US
    • Ensure network stability and uptime by monitoring and troubleshooting issues related to routing, switching, and network security
    • Collaborate with other departments to plan, design and implement new network architectures and technologies to support business goals and objectives
    • Manage vendor relationships and contracts to ensure service level agreements are met
    • Implement and enforce network policies and procedures to ensure compliance with industry standards and best practices
  • Senior Network Engineer

    XYZ Company | Boston, MA

    June 2012 - June 2017

    • Designed and implemented network solutions for customers across various industries, including healthcare, finance, and education
    • Configured and maintained network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, and load balancers
    • Managed network performance and capacity by monitoring and analyzing network traffic using tools such as Wireshark and NetFlow
    • Provided technical support to customers and resolved complex network issues
    • Collaborated with sales teams to develop network solutions and proposals for new business opportunities


  • Network infrastructure design and implementation
  • Network security and firewall management
  • Routing and switching protocols (BGP, OSPF, VLAN)
  • Load balancing technologies (F5, Citrix NetScaler)
  • Network monitoring and analysis tools (Wireshark, NetFlow, SNMP)
  • Project management and team leadership

References available upon request.

Expert Tip

Customize Each Resume

Avoid sending a generic resume to multiple employers. Tailor your resume to each job you're applying for by emphasizing the most relevant skills and experiences.

Network Operations Manager Resume Writing Guide


A Network Operations Manager is an important role within an organization, as this position is responsible for ensuring that technology networks are running efficiently. From managing the development and implementation of new systems to ensuring network security and troubleshooting issues, an effective Network Operations Manager plays a key role in maintaining a smoothly-running organization.

Tips for Writing a Network Operations Manager Resume

  • 1. Start with a clear objective statement that highlights your experience as a Network Operations Manager and your goals for the position you’re applying for.

  • 2. Highlight your experience with network monitoring software, including any specific types of software you have experience with.

  • 3. Include any certifications you hold related to networking, such as CCNA or CCNP.

  • 4. Emphasize your experience managing network security and implementing protocols for protection.

  • 5. Demonstrate your ability to manage teams and prioritize tasks effectively.

  • 6. Highlight your experience with implementing and improving network infrastructure, including any specific projects you have worked on.

  • 7. List your education, including any relevant degrees or courses you have completed.

  • 8. Provide specific examples of times when you have effectively solved complex network issues.

  • 9. Use action-oriented language to highlight your accomplishments and responsibilities.

  • 10. Review your resume carefully for spelling and grammatical errors, and have a colleague or mentor review it as well before submitting it to potential employers.


If you’re interested in a career as a Network Operations Manager, it’s important to showcase your skills and experience in a well-crafted resume. By following these tips, you can create a strong resume that demonstrates your ability to effectively manage networks and provide strategic solutions to complex issues. As you refine your resume and begin applying for opportunities, make sure to continue learning and advancing your skills to stay up-to-date with the latest networking technologies and industry trends.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Including Too Much Personal Information

Details like age, marital status, religion, or other personal information do not belong on a resume. Including them may open the door for potential discrimination, and they're not relevant to your qualifications.

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