Loss Prevention Investigator Resume Example & Writing Guide

Loss Prevention Investigator Resume Example
Find expert tips and a powerful Loss Prevention Investigator resume example to land your next job. Follow our writing guide to impress hiring managers.
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Loss Prevention Investigator Resume Sample


Experienced loss prevention investigator with proficiency in intelligence gathering, surveillance, investigations, and search warrant execution. Proven ability to analyze complex data, identify trends, and take proactive measures to prevent loss and minimize risk to the organization.


  • Surveillance techniques
  • Investigation skills
  • Loss prevention strategies
  • Interview and interrogation techniques
  • Search warrant execution
  • Report writing and documentation
  • Collaboration and teamwork

Professional Experience

Loss Prevention Investigator

Big Box Retailer, Anytown, USA

January 2015 – Present

  • Conduct covert surveillance and investigations to identify potential theft and fraud activities within the store
  • Collaborate with store management and law enforcement agencies to develop and implement loss prevention strategies
  • Interview and interrogate suspects and witnesses to obtain necessary information for investigations
  • Execute search warrants to recover stolen merchandise and prosecute offenders
  • Document all investigations, reports, and findings in a timely and accurate manner

Loss Prevention Coordinator

Department Store Chain, Anytown, USA

September 2010 – December 2014

  • Drafted and implemented loss prevention policies and procedures for the store and provided training to store associates on proper theft prevention techniques
  • Managed and maintained CCTV systems and electronic article surveillance equipment
  • Analyzed data and identified trends to develop proactive measures and strategies to reduce shrinkage and minimize risks to the store
  • Liaised with law enforcement agencies to coordinate investigations and prosecutions of suspects
  • Conducted background checks and pre-employment screenings for potential hires


Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

University of Anytown, USA

Graduated May 2010

Expert Tip

Avoid Personal Pronouns

Your resume is a formal document. Avoid using personal pronouns like 'I', 'me', or 'my'. Instead, start your sentences with verbs.

Loss Prevention Investigator Resume Writing Guide


A Loss Prevention Investigator is a professional responsible for preventing theft and financial losses in a business organization. This job requires specific skills and experience that need to be showcased in a strong resume. Here's how to write a Loss Prevention Investigator resume:

Create a Professional Summary

Begin your resume with a professional summary that highlights your skills, experience, and accomplishments in the field of loss prevention. This section should be brief, no more than 3-4 sentences. Use this section to highlight your strongest skills and experience.

Outline Your Work Experience

Your work experience should be listed in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent or current position. Each work experience bullet point should begin with a strong action verb, such as "Investigated", "Conducted", or "Monitored". Include your specific accomplishments, such as the percentage of decrease in shrinkage you achieved, or the number of successful investigations you conducted.

  • List your relevant positions, starting with the most recent or current
  • Include the name of the company, your title, and the dates of employment
  • Use bullet points to highlight your responsibilities and accomplishments in each position

Showcase Your Skills

One of the most important parts of a Loss Prevention Investigator resume is the skills section. This is where you highlight the specific skills and knowledge that make you a qualified candidate for the role. Examples include conducting interviews, reviewing security video footage, and knowledge of relevant laws and regulations.

  • List your relevant skills, such as interviewing, reviewing CCTV footage, or any relevant knowledge of local laws and regulations
  • Use specific examples and highlight your experience in each skill
  • This section should be concise and easy to read

Education and Certifications

Education and certifications are important in a Loss Prevention Investigator resume. Include any relevant education, such as a degree in criminal justice or a related field. Along with any relevant certifications or licenses that you have.

  • List your educational background, including the name of the school, degree obtained, and date of graduation
  • List any relevant certifications or licenses
  • Include any training courses or seminars you’ve attended


Writing a Loss Prevention Investigator resume can be challenging, but following these guidelines will help you create a strong and effective resume. Highlight your skills and experience, showcase your accomplishments, and make sure to include any relevant education or certifications.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Including Too Much Personal Information

Details like age, marital status, religion, or other personal information do not belong on a resume. Including them may open the door for potential discrimination, and they're not relevant to your qualifications.

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