Logistics Coordinator Resume Example & Writing Guide

A logistics coordinator is responsible for coordinating the movement and storage of goods, materials, and people. When writing a resume for this position, it's important to highlight your organizational and communication skills, as well as your experience in logistics or supply chain management. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to write a logistics coordinator resume:

  1. Begin with a strong summary statement that summarizes your professional experience and skills.

  2. List your work experience in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent job. For each position, include the name of the company, your job title, and the dates you worked.

  3. In the bullet points under each job, describe your responsibilities and achievements in detail. Use action verbs to describe your tasks and accomplishments, and quantify your results whenever possible.

  4. Include any relevant education and training, such as a degree in logistics or supply chain management.

  5. If you have any relevant certifications or professional licenses, include them in a separate section of your resume.

  6. Finally, list any relevant skills or technical proficiencies that make you an ideal candidate for the position.

By following these guidelines, you can create a strong logistics coordinator resume that showcases your experience and skills to potential employers.

Logistics Coordinator Resume Sample

Summary Statement

Highly organized and detail-oriented logistics coordinator with 5 years of experience in supply chain management. Strong communication and problem-solving skills, with a proven track record of coordinating the movement and storage of goods and materials. Proficient in logistics software such as Oracle and SAP. Seeking to apply my skills and experience in a challenging logistics coordinator role.

Work Experience

  • Logistics Coordinator, XYZ Company (2018-Present)

    • Coordinate the transportation and storage of goods and materials for the company's domestic and international operations.
    • Communicate with suppliers, carriers, and customers to ensure timely delivery of goods.
    • Monitor inventory levels and place orders as needed.
    • Manage budgets and negotiate rates with carriers.
    • Resolve issues and discrepancies in shipments.
    • Improved on-time delivery rate by 20% through better route optimization and carrier selection.
  • Supply Chain Assistant, ABC Company (2016-2018)

    • Assisted with the planning and execution of the company's supply chain operations.
    • Worked with the logistics coordinator to track and report on the movement of goods.
    • Communicated with vendors to resolve issues and negotiate prices.
    • Assisted with the development of new supply chain processes.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, University of XYZ (2016)

Certifications and Licenses

  • Certified Logistics Associate (CLA)


  • Proficient in logistics software: Oracle, SAP
  • Fluent in English and Spanish
  • Strong communication and problem-solving skills
  • Detail-oriented and highly organized