Line Cook Resume Example & Writing Guide

Line Cook Resume Example
Create a standout Line Cook resume with our example and writing guide. Easily put together a winning resume with expert tips and advice.
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Line Cook Resume Sample

I am an experienced Line Cook with over 5 years of experience working in fast-paced kitchens. I have a passion for cooking and enjoy being able to create delicious dishes that exceed customers' expectations.


  • Extensive knowledge of various food preparation techniques and cooking methods
  • Expertise in food safety and sanitation practices
  • Ability to work well under pressure and in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills


  • Line Cook - XYZ Restaurant
    • Prepared and cooked dishes according to restaurant standards and customer requests
    • Maintained cleanliness and organization of work area and equipment
    • Followed food safety and sanitation guidelines to ensure quality and safety
    • Collaborated with other team members to ensure efficient and smooth kitchen operations
  • Line Cook - ABC Cafe
    • Created menu items and specials using fresh, seasonal ingredients
    • Managed inventory and ordering of supplies to ensure kitchen was fully stocked
    • Trained and mentored new team members on proper cooking techniques and kitchen protocols
    • Assisted with catering events and managed food preparation for large groups

Expert Tip

Include Contact Information

Always include current contact information. Make sure employers have a way to reach you, whether it's by phone, email, or a professional networking site.

Line Cook Resume Writing Guide


If you're a line cook looking to apply for a new job, having a well-crafted resume is essential. Your resume should showcase your skills, experience, and accomplishments to the hiring manager, and convince them that you are the right fit for the job.


Make your resume easy to read and visually appealing by using clear headings and bullet points. Use a professional font, such as Arial or Times New Roman, and avoid using fonts that are difficult to read. Keep your resume to one page in length, unless you have extensive experience in the culinary industry.

  • Use a clear, concise format
  • Use bullet points to highlight important information
  • Use a professional font
  • Limit your resume to one page if possible


Your skills section should highlight the specific skills that are most relevant to the line cook position. These may include precision knife skills, knowledge of various cooking techniques, and experience working in a fast-paced kitchen environment. Be sure to mention any certifications or specialized training you may have.

  • Highlight your relevant skills
  • Mention any certifications or specialized training


Your experience section should list your previous positions, starting with the most recent and working your way back. For each position, include the name and location of the restaurant, your job title, and your main responsibilities and achievements. Highlight any instances where you went above and beyond your job duties, improved a restaurant's efficiency, or contributed to a successful menu item.

  • List your previous positions in reverse chronological order
  • Include the name and location of the restaurant
  • Describe your main responsibilities and achievements
  • Highlight instances of going above and beyond, improving efficiency, or contributing to menu items


Your education section should include any culinary degrees or certificates you have earned, as well as any relevant coursework. If you don't have any formal culinary education, you can include any on-the-job training or apprenticeships you have completed.

  • List any culinary degrees or certificates earned
  • Include relevant coursework
  • If lacking formal culinary education, list on-the-job training or apprenticeships


Writing a strong line cook resume is essential for getting noticed by hiring managers and getting hired for the job. By highlighting your skills, experience, and education, you can showcase your culinary expertise and show that you're the right fit for the position. Remember to keep your resume concise, easy to read, and visually appealing in order to stand out among other applicants.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

No Action Verbs

Not using action verbs can result in a flat and uninspiring resume. Begin your bullet points with strong action verbs to help illustrate your experience.

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