Licensed Practical Nurse Resume Example & Writing Guide

Licensed Practical Nurse Resume Example
Learn how to craft a winning Licensed Practical Nurse resume with our example and writing guide. Impress potential employers and land your dream job!
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Licensed Practical Nurse Resume Sample

Licensed Practical Nurse

Professional Summary

  • Experienced LPN with over 5 years of experience in providing high quality and compassionate care to patients in various healthcare settings
  • Strong clinical skills and ability to work well in fast-paced environments while prioritizing patient needs and safety
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, able to establish rapport with patients, families, and healthcare team members
  • Current BLS certification and licensed to practice in [state]

Professional Experience

ABC Healthcare

  • Provided nursing care for up to 20 patients per shift in a long-term care facility
  • Administered medications and treatments as ordered by physicians
  • Monitored and documented patient vital signs, symptoms, and reactions to medications
  • Assisted with activities of daily living, including bathing, grooming, and feeding
  • Collaborated with interdisciplinary healthcare team members to develop and implement care plans for patients
  • Communicated with patients and families to provide education and emotional support

DEF Hospital

  • Provided nursing care for up to 8 patients per shift in a medical-surgical unit
  • Assessed and documented patient conditions and responses to treatments
  • Administered medications and treatments as ordered by physicians
  • Monitored and documented patient vital signs and symptoms
  • Assisted with procedures and surgeries
  • Collaborated with interdisciplinary healthcare team members to provide optimal patient care
  • Provided education and emotional support to patients and families

Education and Certifications

  • Associate Degree in Nursing from XYZ Community College
  • Licensed Practical Nurse in [state]
  • BLS certification

Expert Tip

Customize Each Resume

Avoid sending a generic resume to multiple employers. Tailor your resume to each job you're applying for by emphasizing the most relevant skills and experiences.

Licensed Practical Nurse Resume Writing Guide

Introduction to Writing a Licensed Practical Nurse Resume

A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is an essential part of the healthcare team who provide direct care to patients. A well-crafted resume can help you stand out from other applicants when applying for a nursing position.

Step 1: Choose a Template

Begin by choosing a resume template that best represents your qualifications and work history. Many websites offer free nursing resume templates that you can customize to fit your specific needs. Select a template that is clear and easy to read and includes sections for your education, work experience, and skills.

Step 2: Highlight Your Education

Nursing is a highly regulated profession that requires licensure and certification. Therefore, your education and training are essential components of your resume. Be sure to highlight your LPN training program, credentials, and any additional certifications you may have. List all academic qualifications in reverse chronological order.

Step 3: Showcase Your Work Experience

When writing your LPN resume, ensure you emphasize your work experience in the nursing field. List your nursing work experience starting with your recent work experience and working backwards. In this section, highlight the institutions you worked for, the date, and the position you held. Also, highlight your nursing duties and accomplishments.

Step 4: Discuss Your Skills

Your Skills section is where you can list the various nursing skills that you have picked up along the way. Being detailed in this section is imperative, so be sure to mention specific examples of your nursing skills. In bullet form, include skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

Step 5: Add References

Adding references gives your potential employer a chance to get feedback about your competency as a Licensed Practical Nurse. You can add two or three references to your resume, and these should be people who have worked with you before. They could be your previous supervisors, colleagues, or other nursing professionals. Ensure that you have contacted your references and they have agreed to serve as your references.


A Licensed Practical Nurse resume should comprise your educational background, work experience, skills, and references. With a well-crafted resume, you can increase your chances of landing a nursing position in your chosen institution. Remember to ensure that your resume is easy to read, accurate, and clear.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Including References

It's not necessary to include references on your resume unless requested. It is understood that they are available upon request.

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