Instrumentation Technician Resume Example & Writing Guide

Instrumentation Technician Resume Example
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Instrumentation Technician Resume Sample

Instrumentation technician with over 5 years of experience in repairing and maintaining process control systems in a manufacturing environment. Skilled in troubleshooting, calibration, and electrical repairs. Familiar with industry standards and safety regulations.

Professional Experience

  • ABC Manufacturing, Instrumentation Technician, Jan 2017 - Present
    • Perform regular maintenance and repair of control systems, including PLCs, HMIs, and field instruments
    • Troubleshoot issues with equipment and identify root cause of problems
    • Calibrate instruments to ensure accuracy and compliance with industry standards
    • Collaborate with engineering and production teams to optimize process control systems
    • Maintain inventory of spare parts and tools
    • Document maintenance activities and create reports for management
  • XYZ Industries, Instrumentation Technician, May 2015 - Dec 2016
    • Installed, repaired, and maintained electrical equipment in a production facility
    • Calibrated instruments to ensure accuracy and compliance with safety regulations
    • Troubleshot issues with control systems and determined root cause of problems
    • Collaborated with production teams to minimize downtime and optimize equipment performance
    • Conducted preventative maintenance tasks on a regular schedule
    • Documented repairs and maintenance activities for reference and tracking purposes


  • Associate's Degree in Electrical Technology, XYZ College, May 2015
  • Certificate in Industrial Instrumentation, ABC Technical Institute, Dec 2014

Expert Tip

Use Job Keywords

Many employers use software that scans for specific job keywords. Make sure to include these keywords, found in the job posting, to ensure your resume doesn't get filtered out.

Instrumentation Technician Resume Writing Guide


Being an Instrumentation Technician is an exciting and rewarding career. You get to work with high-tech equipment and ensure that it's functioning up to standards. For those looking to land an Instrumentation Technician job, it's important to know how to write an effective resume that showcases your skills and qualifications. In this article, we’ll go over the steps you need to take to write a successful Instrumentation Technician resume.

Step 1: Choose the right format:

The format of your resume is crucial. A chronological format is ideal for Instrumentation Technicians since it allows you to showcase your work history and experience. This format highlights your most recent work first, followed by earlier experiences.

Step 2: Start with a strong summary:

Your summary should be a brief explanation of your experience, skills, and achievements. The summary should be no more than three to four sentences in length. Make sure to tailor your summary to the specific job you're applying for, highlighting your skills and experiences that align with their job requirements.

Step 3: List your professional experience:

List your work history starting with your most recent job experience. When writing about your job duties, make sure to use action verbs and focus on your accomplishments. If you have experience in the field, highlight any projects that you’ve worked on that demonstrate your expertise.

Step 4: Highlight your skills:

  • Make sure to highlight your technical skills. Include the software and equipment you’re comfortable working with.
  • Include problem-solving skills. This shows that you can troubleshoot and identify problems.
  • Highlight your work ethic and ability to work well in a team environment.
  • Include any certifications or training courses that you’ve taken. This demonstrates your commitment to the field.

Step 5: Education:

List your education and any relevant coursework. If you have any awards or honors, make sure to highlight those as well.

Step 6: Proofread and edit:

Make sure to proofread and edit your resume before submitting it. Check for grammar errors, typos, and formatting. It’s important to have a clean and professional-looking resume.


Writing an Instrumentation Technician resume doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following the steps listed above, you can create a resume that showcases your skills and experience. Remember to tailor your resume to the specific job you’re applying for, highlighting your qualifications that match their job requirements. A well-crafted resume can help land you the job of your dreams.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Lying or Exaggerating

Honesty is critical on your resume. Any form of lying or exaggerating about your experience or skills could lead to consequences when the truth is discovered.

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