Implementation Consultant Resume Example & Writing Guide

Implementation Consultant Resume Example
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Implementation Consultant Resume Sample

Professional Summary:
An experienced implementation consultant with a proven track record of successful project management, client relations, and technical skills. Skilled in implementation planning, business process design, requirement gathering, and training. Proficient in system integration, SQL programming, and project management tools such as JIRA and Asana. Able to manage multiple projects in fast-paced environments and deliver quality solutions on time and within budget.

Professional Experience:

  • Implementation Consultant
    ABC Tech Solutions
    New York, NY
    June 2018 - Present
  • Implementation Analyst
    XYZ Consulting
    Boston, MA
    January 2016 - May 2018

Key Achievements:

  • Managed end-to-end implementation of a new ERP system for a manufacturing client with a $3M budget. Successfully delivered the project on time and within budget while exceeding client expectations for functionality and user experience.
  • Designed and executed a data migration strategy for a healthcare client, ensuring all critical patient data was accurately and securely transferred to the new system without disruption to patient care.
  • Developed a custom integration between Salesforce and Quickbooks for a small business client, streamlining their accounting processes and reducing manual data entry errors by 50%.


  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
    Northeastern University
    Boston, MA
    Graduated May 2015

Expert Tip

Use Numbers and Metrics

Employers value concrete evidence of your skills and accomplishments. Include data, metrics, or specific numbers to quantify your achievements when possible.

Implementation Consultant Resume Writing Guide


Implementation consultants are responsible for implementing the services and products that their company provides. This may involve working with clients to determine their needs, developing and implementing a plan, and providing training and support as needed. A strong implementation consultant resume can demonstrate your expertise in these areas and help you stand out from other candidates.


When creating an implementation consultant resume, it's important to keep it clear and concise. Hiring managers may have to sift through dozens or even hundreds of resumes, so you want to make sure that yours is easy to read and includes all the information they need.

  • The first section of your resume should include your name, contact information, and a brief summary of your qualifications.
  • The next section should focus on your work experience. This should include your job title, the name of the company you worked for, the dates you were employed, and a brief description of your responsibilities and accomplishments.
  • After your work experience, include your education. This should include the name of the degree you earned, the name of the school you attended, and the dates of attendance.
  • Finally, include any relevant professional associations, certifications, or skills you have.


When writing the content for your implementation consultant resume, it's important to highlight your experience in planning and implementing projects, working with clients, and providing training and support. You should also highlight any certifications or specialized skills you have, such as project management or technical expertise.

  • Start each bullet point with an action verb, such as "Planned," "Developed," or "Implemented."
  • Focus on specific accomplishments and quantify them when possible (e.g., "Increased customer satisfaction ratings by 25% by implementing new training program").
  • Keep your language clear and concise. Avoid jargon or technical terms that may not be familiar to everyone.
  • Make sure that your resume is tailored to the job you're applying for. Look at the job description and use keywords from it in your resume.

Final Thoughts

An implementation consultant resume should demonstrate your expertise in planning and implementing projects, working with clients, and providing training and support. By following the formatting and content guidelines outlined here, you can create a resume that stands out and helps you land your next job.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Including References

It's not necessary to include references on your resume unless requested. It is understood that they are available upon request.

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