High School Principal Resume Example & Writing Guide

High School Principal Resume Example
Craft a top-tier High School Principal resume with our example and writing guide. Learn tips and tricks to stand out and land your dream job!
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High School Principal Resume Sample

Personal Information

Name: John Doe

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (123) 456-7890


  • Principal at ABC High School (2015-present)
  • Vice Principal at XYZ Middle School (2012-2015)
  • Math Teacher at DEF High School (2008-2012)


  • Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) (2008)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from University of California, Berkeley (UCB) (2006)


  • Strong leadership and communication skills
  • Experience with implementing and enforcing school policies
  • Proficient in using educational technology and software

Awards and Honors

  • Teacher of the Year, DEF High School (2010)
  • Principal of the Year, ABC School District (2017)

Expert Tip

Include Contact Information

Always include current contact information. Make sure employers have a way to reach you, whether it's by phone, email, or a professional networking site.

High School Principal Resume Writing Guide

One of the most important administrative positions in a high school is that of the principal. Principals are responsible for ensuring that students receive high-quality education, managing and supporting teachers, and serving as liaisons between the school district and the community. If you are interested in applying for a high school principal position, here are some useful tips on how to write a compelling resume that will catch the attention of school hiring managers. 1. Start with a strong introduction Your resume should start with a brief introduction that highlights your experience and accomplishments as a high school principal. This section should include your name, contact information, and a summary of your qualifications. You may want to include a professional headshot as well. 2. Highlight your education and certifications As a high school principal, you should have a bachelor's or master's degree in education or a related field. You may also have certifications in educational administration or leadership. Be sure to list your education and certifications in this section. 3. Showcase your experience The bulk of your resume should focus on your experience as a high school principal. List your previous positions, including the name and location of the school, your job title, and your employment dates. Then, use bullet points to describe your responsibilities and accomplishments. Be sure to emphasize your leadership skills, including your ability to motivate and inspire teachers and students. 4. Highlight your achievements In addition to listing your responsibilities, it's important to showcase your achievements as a high school principal. This can include increasing student achievement, improving graduation rates, implementing new programs, and more. Use bullet points to highlight your successes and quantify them with data whenever possible. 5. Include relevant skills Finally, your resume should include a section that highlights your relevant skills. This may include leadership, communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills. Be sure to tailor this section to the specific job description, emphasizing skills that match the job requirements. By following these tips, you can write a high-quality resume that will set you apart from other candidates and help you land your dream job as a high school principal.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Lack of Keywords

With many companies using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that scan for specific keywords, failing to include these keywords could result in your resume being overlooked.

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