Health Physicist Resume Example & Writing Guide

Health Physicist Resume Example
Learn how to create a winning Health Physicist resume with our comprehensive guide. Ace your job hunt with expert tips and clear, concise examples.
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Health Physicist Resume Sample

Professional Summary:

A highly skilled Health Physicist with over 8 years of experience in radiation safety, environmental health, and industrial hygiene. Possesses a strong analytical and problem-solving ability with a demonstrated track record of success in developing and implementing effective safety programs. Adept at conducting risk assessments, maintaining regulatory compliance, and ensuring a safe working environment.


  • Master's Degree in Health Physics, XYZ University
  • Bachelor's Degree in Physics, ABC University

Professional Experience:

Health Physicist, ABC Company

February 2018 - Present

  • Conduct radiation surveys and inspections in accordance with regulatory requirements and industry standards
  • Develop and implement radiation protection programs to minimize workers' exposure to ionizing radiation
  • Perform dose calculations, data analysis, and record-keeping of radiation exposure records
  • Review and approve work plans for radiological work activities
  • Manage radioactive material handling, storage, and disposal activities
  • Provide radiation safety training to workers, supervisors, and managers

Health Physicist, XYZ Corporation

June 2013 - January 2018

  • Conducted radiological surveys, environmental monitoring, and occupational exposure assessments
  • Developed and implemented safety procedures, policies and training programs
  • Provided technical support and guidance to management and staff on radiological safety and compliance
  • Reviewed and evaluated new equipment, materials and processes for radiological safety impact
  • Interpreted and applied federal, state and local regulations related to radiological safety

Professional Certifications:

  • Health Physics Certification Board (HPCB) Certification
  • National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists (NRRPT) Certification

Expert Tip

Highlight Relevant Skills

List the skills that are most relevant to the job you're applying for. Highlight both hard skills (like programming) and soft skills (like communication).

Health Physicist Resume Writing Guide


As a health physicist, your work involves ensuring that people and the environment are not exposed to harmful levels of radiation. If you're interested in pursuing a career in health physics, you'll need to have a well-crafted resume that highlights your skills and qualifications. Here's how to write one:

1. Start with a Strong Objective

Your objective is the first thing that potential employers will see on your resume, so make sure it stands out. In a few sentences, state your career goals and how you plan to achieve them. Keep it brief and to the point.

  • Example Objective: To obtain a position as a health physicist in a reputable organization that values employee safety and encourages professional growth.

2. Highlight Your Educational Background

As a health physicist, you'll need a strong foundation in science and math. List all of your degrees, certifications, and coursework related to health physics. Make sure to include the name of the institution, degree/certification received, and graduation year.

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Physics, XYZ University, 2017
  • Master of Health Physics, ABC University, 2019
  • Certified Health Physicist (CHP), American Board of Health Physics, 2020

3. Emphasize Your Work Experience

Work experience is a crucial part of your resume, especially for those just starting their career. List all of your previous jobs related to health physics, including internships and volunteer work. For each position, describe your responsibilities, successes, and accomplishments using bullet points.

  • Researched and evaluated radiation exposure in the workplace for a medical device company.
  • Conducted radiation surveys in a nuclear power plant to ensure compliance with safety regulations.
  • Developed and implemented radiation safety training program for new employees.

4. Include Relevant Skills and Achievements

In addition to your education and work experience, employers want to see what skills you bring to the table. Make sure to include any specialized knowledge, technical proficiencies, and personal attributes that make you an outstanding candidate for the job.

  • Proficient in using radiation detection equipment such as Geiger counters and scintillation detectors.
  • Skilled in conducting radiation dose assessments and performing dose reconstructions.
  • Received Employee of the Year award for successfully implementing a new radiation safety program.

5. Proofread Your Resume

Before submitting your resume, make sure to proofread it for spelling and grammatical errors. Ask a friend or colleague to review it as well to ensure it makes sense and accurately represents your qualifications.

With these tips, your health physicist resume is sure to stand out among the competition.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Incorrect or Missing Contact Information

If your contact information is incorrect or missing, employers won't be able to reach you. Always double-check your contact details to ensure they are accurate.

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