Guard Resume Example & Writing Guide

Guard Resume Example
Find the best guard resume example & writing guide to give your job search a boost. Learn how to create an impressive resume and impress potential employers with your skills.
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Guard Resume Sample


Experienced guard with strong observational skills and ability to maintain safety protocols. Valued for maintaining composure in high-pressure situations and interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Proficient in surveillance systems, emergency response techniques, and security equipment.


  • Security Officer

    XYZ Security, Anytown, USA

    June 2018 - Present

    • Monitor surveillance systems and conduct regular patrols to ensure safety of personnel and property.
    • Investigate and report incidents, such as thefts or property damage, and maintain detailed records.
    • Enforce access control policies and screen individuals for prohibited items using metal detectors and physical searches.
    • Maintain emergency response equipment, including first aid kits and fire extinguishers, and provide assistance to individuals in distress.
  • Security Guard

    ABC Security, Somewhere, USA

    January 2016 - May 2018

    • Conducted regular patrols and monitored security cameras to deter criminal activity in high-risk areas.
    • Screened visitors, issued badges, and authorized access to secure areas based on established protocols.
    • Documented security incidents and provided detailed reports to management and law enforcement officials.
    • Assisted in emergency preparedness drills and responded to emergency situations by providing aid to staff and visitors.


  • Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice

    Community College, Anytown, USA

    Graduated: May 2015

Expert Tip

Use a Resume Summary or Objective

Start your resume with a compelling summary or objective that succinctly highlights your experience and skills. This gives employers a preview of what you bring to the table.

Guard Resume Writing Guide


If you are planning to pursue a career as a Guard, creating a well-written resume can help you stand out to prospective employers. A Guard resume should demonstrate your skills and experiences in the field, emphasizing your strengths and qualifications that will make you the perfect fit for the job.

Important Sections

When writing your resume, it's essential to include certain sections to showcase your abilities. Here are the critical sections that should be present in your Guard Resume:

  • Contact Information: This section should include your name, phone number, email address, and location. Ensure that you include up-to-date contact information that’s easy to access.
  • Summary: This is where you briefly introduce yourself and highlight your most relevant skills and experiences. This section should be a quick overview of your entire resume.
  • Work Experience: This is perhaps the most important section of your resume. Here, you should list your previous job titles and responsibilities, indicating how you’ve contributed to the organization and demonstrated your skills.
  • Education and Training: This section should list your educational achievements, including any training or certifications in the field of security.
  • Skills: Here, you should list all the relevant skills you possess that can be useful in a Guard role. Make sure to include both soft skills (e.g., communication) and technical skills (e.g., familiarity with security equipment).

Tips for Writing a Great Guard Resume

Here are some tips that can help you write a top-notch Guard resume:

  • Focus on your relevant experience: Include responsibilities you have held that are of most relevance to a Guard position.
  • Use bullet points: Bullet points help recruiters quickly see your skills and experience, so make sure to use them instead of lengthy paragraphs.
  • Highlight your achievements: Including your accomplishments in previous roles will give you an edge over other applicants, emphasising your skills in the field.
  • Be concise but descriptive: Make your resume easy to read by being clear and concise with your language. But also make sure to highlight your key strengths and experiences.
  • Proofread and edit: Make sure to review your resume for spelling and grammar errors before submitting it.


A strong Guard resume can make all the difference when you're trying to land a job in the field. Remember to highlight your most relevant experiences and skills while keeping your language concise and descriptive. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a resume that sets you apart from the competition. Good luck!

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Ignoring Gaps in Employment

Unexplained employment gaps can raise red flags for employers. Be sure to explain these gaps in a cover letter or during the interview process.

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