Executive Resume Example & Writing Guide

Executive Resume Example
Transform your executive resume into a powerful marketing tool with our comprehensive writing guide, featuring real-life examples of successful resumes.
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Executive Resume Sample

Executive Profile

Seasoned executive with over 15 years of experience in the financial industry. Proven track record of managing teams, driving revenue growth, and implementing strategic plans. Continuously recognized for leadership, innovation, and exceptional performance.

Professional Experience

  • Senior Vice President, XYZ Bank

    Managed a team of 50 professionals in the commercial banking division, overseeing all aspects of lending and relationship management. Increased revenue by 25% within two years of appointment through business development efforts and cross-selling initiatives.

  • Managing Director, ABC Investments

    Oversaw a portfolio of high net worth clients, generating over $10 million in annual revenue. Developed and executed investment strategies tailored to individual client needs, resulting in a 98% client retention rate.

  • Vice President, PQR Securities

    Managed a team of 15 equity traders and analysts, driving growth in the firm's equity trading business. Led the development and implementation of the firm's algorithmic trading platform, resulting in a 30% increase in trading volume.


  • Master of Business Administration, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

    Specialization in Finance and Strategic Management

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics, University of Michigan

Expert Tip

Use Action Verbs

Start your bullet points with action verbs like 'led', 'managed', 'developed', etc. This helps highlight your skills and abilities in an energetic and straightforward way.

Executive Resume Writing Guide


An executive resume is more than just a list of work experiences and job titles. It needs to showcase your skills, accomplishments and vision in a succinct, well-structured way. Writing an effective executive resume is necessary to stand out and attain the job of your dreams.

Step 1: Understand the role

The first step in writing an effective executive resume is to understand the role you’re applying for. Research the job description, company, industry and market trends. This will give you insight into what the company is looking for in an executive.

  • Read the job description carefully
  • Research the company
  • Leverage LinkedIn to understand the job market trends

Step 2: Showcase your achievements

Focus on accomplishments instead of responsibilities. This will help you stand out from other candidates. Quantify your achievements as much as possible. Highlight examples of increase in revenue, decrease in costs or time to market.

  • List your top three achievements
  • Quantify your achievements using numbers and metrics
  • Include any awards or recognition you’ve received

Step 3: Highlight your skillset

Executive resumes must showcase both technical and soft skills. Technical skills add value to the role by demonstrating your knowledge. Soft skills add value by displaying your leadership capabilities.

  • List technical and soft skills
  • Match the skills with the job description requirements
  • Showcase how you’ve utilized these skills in previous roles

Step 4: Keep it concise

An executive resume should be a maximum of two pages. The content should be clear, concise and readable. Use bullet points to highlight your achievements and ensure each sentence adds value.

  • Limit your resume to two pages
  • Use bullet points
  • Make sure each sentence adds value

Step 5: Proofread and edit

Proofreading your resume is the final step to ensure there are no errors. An error-free resume is essential in showcasing your professionalism.

  • Proofread for grammar and spelling errors
  • Edit content to ensure maximum impact
  • Ask a peer or co-worker to review your resume

By following these steps, you will have a professional executive resume that will showcase your skills, achievements and experience in the best possible way.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Ignoring Gaps in Employment

Unexplained employment gaps can raise red flags for employers. Be sure to explain these gaps in a cover letter or during the interview process.

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