Elementary Art Teacher Resume Example & Writing Guide

Elementary Art Teacher Resume Example
Find inspiration for your Elementary Art Teacher resume with our example and writing guide. Get tips on crafting a standout application to land your dream job.
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Elementary Art Teacher Resume Sample

Professional Summary:

Enthusiastic and talented Elementary Art Teacher with over 5 years of experience in teaching students basic art concepts and techniques. Proven track record of creating impactful interactive art lesson plans and activities that engage young learners and provide a solid foundation in art education.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education, XYZ University
  • Master of Arts in Teaching, ABC College

Teaching Experience:

XYZ Elementary School, Art Teacher (2019-present)

  • Develop and implement art curriculum for children from Kindergarten to 5th grade.
  • Created interactive learning activities that incorporated current art trends and techniques.
  • Improved student creativity and imagination by introducing them to various art mediums including paint, charcoal, oil pastels, etc.
  • Organized an annual art exhibition showcasing student artwork which was well-received by parents and staff

ABC Public School, Art Teacher (2016-2019)

  • Developed and taught weekly art classes for grade 1 to grade 4 students.
  • Organized and facilitated art workshops for students during school breaks.
  • Supervised art club activities that involved group collaborations on creating art projects.


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong organizational and time-management skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office

Expert Tip

Focus on Hard Skills

While soft skills are important, hard skills are often what get you hired. Prioritize showcasing hard skills that align with the job description.

Elementary Art Teacher Resume Writing Guide


If you're interested in becoming an elementary art teacher, one of the first things to do is to create a strong and effective resume that will impress potential employers. Your resume should reflect your career goals, skills, and experiences to show that you're the perfect fit for the job. Here are some tips on how to write an excellent elementary art teacher resume.

1. Start with a Strong Summary:

Begin your resume with a brief summary statement that highlights your strengths and experiences as a teacher and artist. Use this opportunity to hook the attention of the hiring manager and make them want to read more about you.

2. Outline Your Education and Certification:

  • List your degrees, majors, and the schools where you earned them.
  • Add any teaching certifications you may hold.

3. Highlight Your Teaching Experience:

  • Include your experience working with elementary school-aged children and their knowledge of art.
  • Mention any experience you have teaching art classes, even if it was in another capacity, such as a summer camp teacher.
  • If you have experience with diverse groups of students or specialized in teaching children with learning differences or special needs, make sure to mention that as well.

4. Show Your Artistic Skills:

  • Explain your experience in various mediums and techniques including drawing, painting, sculpture, and fibers.
  • Show any exhibitions or awards you have received.
  • Include organizations or groups you belong to related to art and art education.

5. Demonstrate Your Commitment to Professional Development:

  • Provide evidence of your ongoing education and training in regards to both education and art. Mention if you attend workshops, conferences or in-service training on teaching.
  • List any professional organizations you belong to.

6. Showcase Your Interpersonal, Communication and Classroom Management Skills:

  • Mention your experience in managing student behavior and classroom management strategies.
  • Highlight your communication skills with both students and their parents.
  • Mention creative or innovative techniques you have used in lesson planning and implementation.


Your resume must accurately reflect who you are as a person and the skills you have as an elementary art teacher. You have to present yourself as a competent and confident candidate. Take the time to review your resume and double-check for errors. Show your dedication to art and passion for teaching young children, and if you follow these tips, success is sure to be right within reach.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Not Customizing Your Resume

Every job and employer is different, so it's essential to tailor your resume to each job you're applying for. Failing to do so may make it seem like you're not genuinely interested in the position.

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