Electrical Drafter Resume Example & Writing Guide

Electrical Drafter Resume Example
Create a standout Electrical Drafter resume with our writing guide and example. Impress employers and land your dream job in the electrical industry.
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Electrical Drafter Resume Sample

John Doe

123 Main St, Anytown, USA, 12345

(555) 555-5555 | [email protected]


  • Highly skilled Electrical Drafter with 5 years of experience in drafting and designing electrical systems for commercial and residential buildings.
  • Proficient in AutoCAD, Revit, and other drafting software.
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work collaboratively with engineers and architects to ensure accurate and efficient project completion.


Electrical Drafter

ABC Company

Anytown, USA

January 2016 - Present

  • Utilize AutoCAD and Revit to create accurate and detailed electrical drawings and plans for various projects.
  • Collaborate with engineers and architects to ensure all systems are designed accurately and meet all building code requirements.
  • Maintain and organize all project files to ensure efficiency and accuracy in drafting and design processes.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with clients and contractors to ensure successful project completion.

Electrical Drafter

XYZ Company

Anytown, USA

June 2014 - December 2015

  • Created electrical drawings and plans for various commercial and residential projects using AutoCAD software.
  • Coordinated with other drafters, engineers, and architects to ensure accurate and efficient completion of projects.
  • Developed and maintained relationships with contractors to ensure timely delivery of projects.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering - XYZ University (Anytown, USA) - May 2014

Expert Tip

Use Job Keywords

Many employers use software that scans for specific job keywords. Make sure to include these keywords, found in the job posting, to ensure your resume doesn't get filtered out.

Electrical Drafter Resume Writing Guide


If you are looking for a career in electrical drafting, you will need a strong resume that highlights your skills and experience. An effective resume is an essential tool for any job search and can be the key to landing that dream job. Here are some helpful tips on how to write an electrical drafter resume.

Resume Format:

When it comes to a resume format, it's important to keep it simple and clear. You should use a clean and organized layout that's easy to read. Start with your contact information at the top of the page, followed by a summary or objective statement, work experience, education, and any other relevant information.

Objective Statement:

Your objective statement should be brief and to the point. It should state your career goals and what type of position you are seeking. For example, "To obtain a position as an electrical drafter where I can utilize my drafting skills and experience to contribute to the company's success."

Work Experience:

When it comes to your work experience, start with your most recent position and work your way back. List your job title, company name, and dates of employment. Then, provide a brief summary of your responsibilities and accomplishments. Be sure to highlight any electrical drafting experience or related skills you have.

  • Use bullet points to break down your work experience into specific achievements and responsibilities.
  • Include any relevant projects you've worked on along with your role in the project.
  • Include any experience with electrical software or design tools.


List your education in reverse chronological order (most recent first). Include the name of the school, the degree or certification earned, and the dates attended.

  • Include any coursework or certifications that are relevant to electrical drafting.
  • If you have completed any drafting classes or certification programs, be sure to include those as well.


In the skills section of your resume, list any relevant software or tools that you are proficient in. This can include CAD software, drafting programs, or any other electrical software you have experience with. Also, ensure that you have strong communication, problem-solving, and organizational skills listed.

Final Tips:

  • Keep your resume concise and to the point, limit it to one or two pages max
  • Use action verbs to make your resume more interesting and impactful. Words such as 'created,' 'developed,' or 'designed' demonstrate your specific actions in the workplace
  • Proofread your resume several times to ensure there aren't any typos or errors.
  • Lastly, tailor your resume to fit the job you're applying for. Often times what sets you apart from other candidates is specificity for the job.

By following these simple tips, you can create a resume that highlights your electrical drafting skills and experience, making you a strong candidate for the position you are seeking.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Lengthy Resumes

Overly long resumes can make it difficult for hiring managers to find the most important information. Try to keep your resume concise and to the point, generally between 1-2 pages.

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