Director Of Security Resume Example & Writing Guide

Director Of Security Resume Example
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Director Of Security Resume Sample

John Doe

123 Main St. | Anytown, USA 12345 | [email protected]



Director of Security with over 10 years of experience managing security operations for large-scale organizations. Expertise in developing and implementing security strategies to ensure the safety and protection of people, assets, and information. Proven track record of reducing security incidents and improving overall security posture.

Professional Experience

  • Director of Security

    Big Corporation | Anytown, USA

    January 2015 - Present

    • Direct and oversee security operations for a multi-national corporation with over 10,000 employees
    • Develop and implement security policies, procedures, and protocols to safeguard people, assets, and information
    • Manage a team of over 50 security personnel, including managers, supervisors, and officers
    • Coordinate with other departments, including HR, legal, and IT, to ensure alignment on security initiatives and goals
    • Conduct regular risk assessments and audits to identify vulnerabilities and areas for improvement
    • Collaborate with law enforcement agencies and other external partners to mitigate security threats and risks
    • Reduced security incidents by 25% and improved overall security posture by implementing new technologies and best practices
  • Senior Security Manager

    Medium Corporation | Anytown, USA

    December 2010 - December 2014

    • Managed security operations for a mid-sized organization with over 5,000 employees and multiple locations
    • Oversaw a team of 25 security personnel, including managers, supervisors, and officers
    • Developed and implemented security policies, procedures, and protocols to mitigate risks and threats
    • Conducted regular training and awareness sessions for employees and staff on security best practices and policies
    • Collaborated with other departments to ensure alignment on security initiatives and goals
    • Reduced security incidents by 15% and implemented new processes to streamline security operations
  • Security Supervisor

    Small Corporation | Anytown, USA

    June 2008 - December 2010

    • Managed security operations for a small organization with over 500 employees and one location
    • Oversaw a team of 5 security officers and coordinated with external security vendors
    • Conducted regular safety and security inspections of the facility to identify vulnerabilities and recommend improvements
    • Responded to security incidents and emergencies, and coordinated with law enforcement agencies as necessary
    • Implemented new security protocols and procedures, resulting in a 10% reduction in incidents


  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

    Anytown State University | Anytown, USA

    Graduated Magna Cum Laude

  • Certified Protection Professional (CPP)

    ASIS International | Anytown, USA

    April 2020

Expert Tip

Use Job Keywords

Many employers use software that scans for specific job keywords. Make sure to include these keywords, found in the job posting, to ensure your resume doesn't get filtered out.

Director Of Security Resume Writing Guide


As a Director of Security, you are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of an organization, its employees, and assets. A strong resume is crucial to showcasing your experience, skills, and qualifications to potential employers. Here are some tips on how to write the perfect Director of Security resume.

1. Start with a strong summary:

In the summary section, provide a brief overview of your experience as a Director of Security, highlighting your key achievements and skills. Use keywords that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

  • Start with your job title and years of experience.
  • Mention your relevant skills and achievements in bullet points.
  • Use words that emphasize your leadership, decision-making, analytical skills, etc.

2. Highlight your relevant experience:

Under the experience section, list your previous jobs, responsibilities, and accomplishments in reverse chronological order. Make sure to include only the most recent and relevant experience that aligns with the job you are applying for.

  • Start with your most recent job and work backward.
  • Use bullet points to highlight your responsibilities and achievements.
  • Focus on your leadership, management, and security-related experience.
  • Showcase your ability to handle crises, make strategic decisions, and work under pressure.

3. Show off your education and certifications:

Under the education section, list your highest degree and any relevant certifications that demonstrate your expertise in security and management.

  • List your highest degree, the institution you attended, and the year you graduated.
  • Include any relevant certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Protection Professional (CPP), or Certified Security Director (CSD).
  • Use bullet points to highlight your expertise in security-related areas such as risk management, physical security, or information security.

4. Use keywords and optimize for ATS:

Many large companies use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to screen resumes before human eyes see them. To ensure your resume makes it past the ATS, use keywords from the job description and tailor your resume to the specific job requirements.

  • Make sure the important keywords are present in your resume.
  • Use phrases and bullet points that align with the job description.
  • Optimize your resume for an ATS by using a clean layout with simple fonts and no images.


Writing a strong Director of Security resume can help you land your dream job. A well-written resume can demonstrate your experience, skills, and qualifications to potential employers. Follow the above tips, use relevant keywords, and tailor your resume to the specific job description to make sure it stands out from the crowd.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Poor Spelling of Company Names or Job Titles

Spelling mistakes, particularly of company names or job titles, can be viewed negatively by hiring managers. Always double-check for correct spelling.

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