Criminal Intelligence Analyst Resume Example & Writing Guide

Criminal Intelligence Analyst Resume Example
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Criminal Intelligence Analyst Resume Sample

Criminal Intelligence Analyst


To obtain a position as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst in a law enforcement agency where my skills and experience can be utilized to enhance security and safety measures.


  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, XYZ University
  • Master of Science in Intelligence Analysis, ABC University


  • Proficient in analytical software such as Palantir and IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Experience working in a law enforcement agency
  • Ability to work independently or in a team environment
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

Professional Experience

Criminal Intelligence Analyst, XYZ Police Department (2016 - Present)

  • Analyze and interpret data to develop intelligence leads and assist in investigations
  • Create and maintain databases to track criminal activity and trends
  • Work closely with law enforcement partners to share intelligence and coordinate efforts
  • Prepare intelligence reports and assessments for dissemination to law enforcement agencies

Criminal Intelligence Analyst, ABC Sheriff's Office (2014 - 2016)

  • Conducted research and analysis on criminal activity and emerging trends
  • Developed and maintained confidential informants to gather intelligence
  • Assisted in the preparation and execution of search warrants
  • Provided intelligence support for undercover operations

Expert Tip

Use a Good Resume Format

Choosing the right resume format is critical. Whether it's chronological, functional, or a combination, make sure it best showcases your experience and skills.

Criminal Intelligence Analyst Resume Writing Guide


If you’re looking to become a Criminal Intelligence Analyst, then you’ll need a strong resume that showcases your knowledge, skills, and experience. Criminal Intelligence Analysts are responsible for examining data and intelligence to identify and address criminal activities. They work with law enforcement to help solve crimes and prevent criminal activity.

In this article, we’ll show you how to write a Criminal Intelligence Analyst resume that highlights your qualifications and lands you the job you want.

How to Write a Criminal Intelligence Analyst Resume

To write a great Criminal Intelligence Analyst resume, follow these steps:

  • Start with a Professional Summary: In this section, summarize your experience, skills, and accomplishments in a few short sentences. Use keywords that match the job description.
  • Showcase your Experience: Include your work experience in reverse chronological order. Focus on your achievements and the impact you made in previous roles.
  • Highlight your Skills: List your technical and analytical skills, including software and tools you’re proficient in. You can also mention any certifications or professional development courses you’ve completed.
  • Add your Education: List your degree(s), major(s), and any relevant coursework. You can also include any relevant honors or awards.
  • Include relevant Keywords: Use relevant keywords throughout your resume to help get it past applicant tracking systems (ATS) and to show that you have the necessary skills and experience.
  • Proofread and Edit: Ensure your resume is free of spelling and grammatical errors. Use consistent formatting and ensure it’s easy to read.

Sample Criminal Intelligence Analyst Resume

Here’s an example of a Criminal Intelligence Analyst resume:

  • Professional Summary:
  • Criminal Intelligence Analyst with 5+ years of experience analyzing crime trends and providing intelligence support to law enforcement agencies. Proficient in analytical software and data visualization tools. Strong communicator and team player.

  • Experience:
  • Criminal Intelligence Analyst, NYPD, New York, NY (2018-present)

    • Analyzed crime trends and patterns to identify suspects and prevent criminal activity, resulting in a 30% decrease in crime in the area.
    • Provided intelligence support to law enforcement agencies regarding organized crime and terrorism.
    • Developed and implemented a new analytical tool to enhance crime analysis and data visualization efforts.

    Criminal Intelligence Analyst, FBI, Washington, D.C. (2015-2018)

    • Conducted investigations and developed intelligence to identify and prosecute violent crimes, including homicides and drug trafficking.
    • Worked with other federal and state agencies to coordinate investigations and share intelligence information.
    • Analyzed social media and other open-source information to identify potential threats to national security.
  • Skills:
  • Strong analytical skills, proficiency in analytical software (e.g., IBM i2, Palantir), data visualization tools (e.g., Tableau), and social media analysis tools (e.g., Recorded Future). Excellent communication and collaboration skills.

  • Education:
  • Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, NY

  • Certifications:
  • International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA) Certification


A strong Criminal Intelligence Analyst resume can help you land your dream job. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create a resume that showcases your qualifications and experience. Remember to use relevant keywords, highlight your achievements, and focus on your skills and experience in crime analysis and intelligence support.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Being Too Vague

Without specific examples or metrics, it's challenging for the hiring manager to understand your impact and accomplishments. Ensure you provide context and quantify achievements where possible.

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