Consultant Resume Example & Writing Guide

Consultant Resume Example
How to write a resume for a consultant job position with, writing guides, expert tips, and the best consultant resume examples.
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Consultant Resume Sample

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Summary Statement: Experienced consultant with a strong background in project management and strategic planning. Skilled in developing and implementing effective solutions for a wide range of clients, with a track record of delivering tangible results. Looking for a challenging consulting role where I can use my skills and expertise to drive business growth and success.

Work Experience:

Consultant XYZ Consulting, New York, NY June 2020 - Present

  • Led a team of consultants in the development and implementation of a strategic plan for a Fortune 500 company, resulting in a 15% increase in revenue over a 6-month period
  • Conducted market research and analysis to identify new business opportunities for a healthcare provider, resulting in the acquisition of 3 new clients
  • Developed and delivered training sessions on project management best practices to a group of 50 employees at a financial services firm

Consultant ABC Consulting, Chicago, IL January 2018 - June 2020

  • Provided strategic advice and support to a range of clients in the retail, technology, and healthcare sectors
  • Led the development and implementation of a change management plan for a manufacturing company, resulting in a 20% increase in efficiency
  • Assisted a non-profit organization in the development of a fundraising campaign, resulting in the acquisition of $500,000 in donations


  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, XYZ University, 2016
  • Master's Degree in Management Consulting, ABC University, 2018


  • Strategic planning
  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Data analysis
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving


  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

Expert Tip

Focus on Hard Skills

While soft skills are important, hard skills are often what get you hired. Prioritize showcasing hard skills that align with the job description.

Consultant Resume Writing Guide

A consultant is a professional who provides expert advice and services to businesses, organizations, and individuals. If you are a consultant and are looking to create a resume, there are a few key things you should keep in mind. Here are some tips on how to write a consultant resume that will help you stand out and get noticed:

  1. Start with a strong summary statement: Your summary statement should be a brief summary of your skills, experience, and qualifications as a consultant. It should highlight your expertise and convey the value you can bring to a potential employer.

  2. Include your work experience: In the work experience section of your resume, list your previous consulting roles and responsibilities. Include details about the projects you worked on, the clients you served, and the results you achieved. Use bullet points to highlight your achievements and make it easier for the reader to scan your resume.

  3. Focus on your skills: Consultants rely on a range of skills to be successful, including problem-solving, communication, and project management. Make sure to highlight these skills in your resume, and provide examples of how you have used them in your previous consulting roles.

  4. Use keywords: To make sure your resume is easily searchable by recruiters and hiring managers, use industry-specific keywords throughout your resume. This includes terms like "strategic planning," "change management," and "data analysis."

  5. Tailor your resume to the job: Before applying for a consulting role, research the company and the position to understand what they are looking for in a candidate. Make sure to tailor your resume to the specific job requirements and highlight the skills and experience that are most relevant to the role.

  6. Keep it concise: Consultants are often expected to be able to convey complex ideas and concepts in a clear and concise manner. Make sure your resume follows this same principle and is easy to read and understand. Aim for a one-page resume, and avoid using jargon or overly complex language.

By following these tips, you can create a strong and effective consultant resume that showcases your skills and experience and helps you stand out from the competition.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Using an Unorganized Format

An unorganized or unclear format can make your resume difficult to read and understand. Make sure your formatting is consistent and logical, with clear sections and bullet points.

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