Case Manager Resume Example & Writing Guide

Case Manager Resume Example
Learn how to create a winning Case Manager resume with our example and writing guide. Get expert tips and advice to land your dream job in no time.
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Case Manager Resume Sample

Professional Summary

Dedicated and compassionate Case Manager with 5 years of experience in providing support and guidance to individuals and families in need. Skilled in assessing needs, developing care plans, and collaborating with interdisciplinary teams to ensure quality care.


  • Case Manager

    ABC Nonprofit Organization


    • Conduct initial assessments and develop individualized care plans for clients
    • Collaborate with healthcare providers, social workers, and other professionals to coordinate services and resources for clients
    • Monitor client progress and adjust care plans as needed
    • Provide crisis intervention as necessary
  • Case Manager

    XYZ Healthcare System


    • Assisted patients with discharge planning and coordinated post-discharge care
    • Collaborated with healthcare providers and insurance companies to ensure continuity of care
    • Provided education to patients and families on resources and support services
    • Conducted home visits to assess patients' living environments and needs


  • Assessment and care planning
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Crisis intervention and management
  • Communication and patient education
  • Discharge planning and coordination

Expert Tip

Use Bullet Points

Long blocks of text can be off-putting. Use bullet points to break up your experiences and make it easy for employers to scan your resume.

Case Manager Resume Writing Guide


If you want to land a job as a Case Manager, the first thing that you need to do is to write an impressive Case Manager resume. The purpose of a resume is to showcase your skills, qualifications, and experiences that make you the ideal candidate for the job. This article will provide you with some helpful tips and guidelines on how to write a Case Manager resume that stands out among the other applicants.

Step 1: Start With a Strong Summary Statement

The summary statement is the first thing that recruiters see when they look at your resume. It is important to make a strong first impression by highlighting your relevant experience, skills, and key achievements. Make sure to keep it concise, clear, and error-free.

Step 2: Highlight Your Skills and Qualifications

As a Case Manager, you should possess a range of skills that are essential for the job, including strong communication skills, empathy, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking. It is important to highlight these skills in your resume along with your qualifications, such as a degree in social work, nursing, or psychology.

  • Emphasize your ability to assess the needs of clients and develop and implement care plans to meet their needs
  • Showcase your ability to work with a team, collaborate with other healthcare professionals, and communicate effectively with clients and their families
  • Highlight your strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to multitask and prioritize tasks effectively in a fast-paced environment

Step 3: Include Relevant Work Experience

When listing your work experience, make sure to focus on your relevant experience as a Case Manager. Highlight your accomplishments and successes in previous roles. If you don't have previous experience, highlight any related internships or volunteer work that demonstrate your skills and passion for helping others.

Step 4: Add Professional Development and Certifications

Adding any professional development courses or certifications you have earned can help your resume stand out to potential employers. For example, being certified in case management can show that you have a thorough understanding of the role and the industry.

Step 5: Use Keywords and Tailor Your Resume to the Job Description

When applying for a job, make sure to tailor your resume to the job description. Use keywords from the job posting to showcase how your experience and skills match the requirements of the role. This will help your resume to stand out among the other applicants.


Writing an impressive Case Manager resume is not easy, but by following these steps, you can make sure that your resume stands out among the other applicants. Highlight your skills and qualifications, include relevant work experience, and use keywords and tailor your resume to the job description. With a well-written resume, you can increase your chances of landing your dream job as a Case Manager.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Listing Duties, Not Accomplishments

Your resume should highlight your accomplishments, not just your job duties. Highlighting your achievements showcases the value you could bring to a new role.

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