Border Patrol Agent Resume Example & Writing Guide

Border Patrol Agent Resume Example
Looking for a career as a Border Patrol Agent? Check out our resume example and writing guide for tips on how to create an effective and professional resume.
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Border Patrol Agent Resume Sample


Highly motivated individual seeking a Border Patrol Agent position with extensive experience in ensuring border security and facilitating lawful travel and trade. Adept at identifying and intercepting illicit human and drug trafficking operations.

Professional experience:

  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), El Paso, Texas

    Border Patrol Agent, January 2010 - Present

    • Perform effective surveillance of activities along the border to detect and prevent illegal activities.
    • Utilize various technologies such as mobile and fixed surveillance systems, night vision devices, and remote video surveillance systems to detect and deter any illegal entry across U.S. borders.
    • Identify and investigate criminal activities such as human trafficking and drug smuggling.
    • Monitor and control land border ports of entry to ensure lawful trade and travel.
    • Collaborate and coordinate with other law enforcement agencies to address cross-border crimes.
  • U.S. Border Patrol, Tucson, Arizona

    Field Agent, March 2005 - January 2010

    • Conducted immigration and customs inspection of individuals, vehicles, and cargo entering or leaving U.S. borders.
    • Apprehended illegal aliens and smugglers to maintain the integrity of U.S. borders.
    • Developed intelligence networks to detect and deter illegal activities along the border.
    • Assisted in tracking and investigating human and drug trafficking organizations.
    • Provided support to other law enforcement agencies in criminal investigations.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, 2005

  • Associate of Arts in Law Enforcement, Pima Community College, Tucson, AZ, 2002


  • Experience in surveillance techniques and equipment.
  • Expertise in immigration law and customs regulations.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure and in a team environment.

Expert Tip

Use Numbers and Metrics

Employers value concrete evidence of your skills and accomplishments. Include data, metrics, or specific numbers to quantify your achievements when possible.

Border Patrol Agent Resume Writing Guide


Writing a Border Patrol Agent resume can be challenging. It requires a clear understanding of what skills and experiences are necessary to succeed in the role. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to write an effective Border Patrol Agent resume.

Step 1: Format your resume

The first step in writing a Border Patrol Agent resume is to format your resume in a clear and concise manner. Use a font that is easy to read, such as Arial or Times New Roman, and keep the size between 10-12 points. Use bullet points to list your responsibilities and achievements and keep the formatting consistent throughout your resume.

Step 2: Highlight your skills and qualifications

The next step in writing your Border Patrol Agent resume is to highlight your skills and qualifications. Be sure to include any relevant certifications or training you have completed. List any languages you speak fluently, as well as your familiarity with firearms and technology. Highlight your physical fitness and ability to work under pressure.

Step 3: List your work experience

The third step in writing your Border Patrol Agent resume is to list your work experience. Start by listing your most recent position first and work backwards. For each position, list your responsibilities and accomplishments. Be sure to include any details that are relevant to the Border Patrol Agent role, such as experience with border security or immigration laws.

Step 4: Include any relevant education

The fourth step in writing your Border Patrol Agent resume is to include any relevant education. List any degrees or certifications you have earned, as well as any coursework that is relevant to the position. If you are a recent graduate or have limited work experience, education can help you stand out.

Step 5: Tailor your resume to the job posting

The final step in writing your Border Patrol Agent resume is to tailor your resume to the job posting. Highlight the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the role. Use keywords from the job posting to make your resume more search engine-friendly and to show that you understand the requirements of the job. Be sure to demonstrate your passion for the position and your commitment to serving the country.


In conclusion, writing a Border Patrol Agent resume requires attention to detail, a clear understanding of the job requirements, and an ability to showcase your skills and experiences effectively. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create a professional resume that highlights your strengths and sets you apart from other candidates.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Poor Spelling of Company Names or Job Titles

Spelling mistakes, particularly of company names or job titles, can be viewed negatively by hiring managers. Always double-check for correct spelling.

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