Behavior Technician Resume Example & Writing Guide

Behavior Technician Resume Example
Looking for a Behavior Technician resume example and writing guide? Check out our expert tips and tricks to create a winning resume that stands out!
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Behavior Technician Resume Sample

I am a highly motivated and passionate Behavior Technician with experience working with children and individuals with special needs. I am committed to providing quality care and implementing behavior plans that promote independence and success for each individual.


  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Verbal Behavior (VB)
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Crisis management and intervention
  • Positive reinforcement strategies


Behavior Technician, ABC Therapy

June 2018 - Present

  • Implement individualized behavior plans for clients ages 2-18
  • Collect data and provide progress reports to families and supervising clinicians
  • Utilize ABA techniques such as discrete trial teaching and natural environment teaching
  • Participate in team meetings and collaborate with other professionals for integrated care

Behavior Technician, XYZ School District

September 2016 - May 2018

  • Assisted with classroom management and behavior support for students with special needs
  • Implemented individualized behavior plans and provided support for academic and social development
  • Collected data and provided feedback to teaching staff and administration
  • Participated in parent-teacher meetings and provided progress reports to families


  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, ABC University
  • Certified as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

Expert Tip

Include Contact Information

Always include current contact information. Make sure employers have a way to reach you, whether it's by phone, email, or a professional networking site.

Behavior Technician Resume Writing Guide


A Behavior Technician plays a critical role in the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA). They work closely with patients and clients who have developmental disabilities and help them develop their skills and behavior. Writing an effective Behavior Technician resume is essential to landing a job in this field.

Step 1: Start with a Strong Objective

Your objective should clearly state your career goal and how you can contribute to the organization. Customize your objective to the job you’re applying for.

  • Keep it short and to the point.
  • Show your passion for the work.
  • Highlight your skills and experience.

Step 2: Add Professional Experience

Your professional experience section should highlight your skills and past achievements that make you an ideal candidate for the job.

  • List your most recent job first.
  • Include the job title, employer, location, and dates.
  • Use bullet points to list your responsibilities and achievements.
  • Highlight your experience working with patients who have developmental disabilities.
  • Show how you’ve made a positive impact on the organizations where you’ve worked.

Step 3: Mention Your Education and Certifications

Include your education and any certifications that are relevant to the job you’re applying for.

  • List your highest degree first.
  • Include the name of the institution, the degree, and the year of graduation.
  • If you have any ABA certifications, make sure to include them.
  • Highlight any training or workshops you’ve attended that relate to ABA.

Step 4: Highlight Your Skills and Characteristics

In this section, list your relevant skills and characteristics which make you an outstanding candidate for the position.

  • Include skills such as data collection and analysis, ability to work in a team, and strong communication skills.
  • List any software programs you are proficient in, such as Microsoft Office, Excel, or Google Suite.
  • Highlight your personal traits that make you an excellent candidate such as empathy, patience, and dedication.

Step 5: Add Additional Information

This section can include awards, achievements, or volunteer work that relate to ABA.

  • List any awards you’ve won, any publications you have collaborated on, or any memberships in professional organizations.
  • Include any volunteer work you’ve done with organizations that help people with developmental disabilities.
  • Show your willingness to work with the community in a positive way.


Writing an effective Behavior Technician resume can be a daunting task, but with the proper format and preparation, you will be able to stand out from the competition. By following these steps listed above, you can create a masterpiece of a resume and get hired for your dream job in the ABA field.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Typos and Grammatical Errors

These types of errors indicate a lack of attention to detail and might give an impression of carelessness. Always proofread your resume multiple times and consider having someone else review it as well.

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