Athletic Equipment Manager Resume Example & Writing Guide

Athletic Equipment Manager Resume Example
Discover the best Athletic Equipment Manager resume example and writing guide to highlight your skills and stand out from the competition.
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Athletic Equipment Manager Resume Sample


Highly organized and detail-oriented Athletic Equipment Manager with more than five years of experience in managing sports equipment, tracking inventory, and maintaining facilities. A strong planner and problem solver who has a track record of providing excellent customer service, coaching staff members, and ensuring the safety of equipment and facilities.

Professional Experience:

  • Athletic Equipment Manager

    ABC University, Chicago, IL

    January 2015 – Present

    • Manage the inventory of all athletic equipment for multiple sports teams
    • Facilitate the safe transportation of equipment to and from practices, games, and tournaments
    • Assist coaches and athletes in picking up, fitting, and returning equipment
    • Supervise the maintenance and repair of equipment and facilities
    • Train and supervise student workers in equipment room procedures and policies
  • Athletic Equipment Coordinator

    XYZ School District, Phoenix, AZ

    May 2012 – December 2014

    • Maintained inventory of athletic equipment for multiple high schools within the district
    • Distributed and collected equipment to coaches and athletes
    • Coordinated the transportation of equipment to and from events
    • Inspected and evaluated equipment for safety and compliance
    • Assisted in the setup and breakdown of athletic events


Bachelor of Science in Sports Management, University of Arizona

May 2012


  • Inventory management
  • Equipment safety and maintenance
  • Customer service
  • Staff training and supervision
  • Facilities management

Expert Tip

Avoid Jargon

Unless it's a common term in your field, avoid using jargon or acronyms that the hiring manager may not understand. Stick to clear, plain language.

Athletic Equipment Manager Resume Writing Guide


To become an Athletic Equipment Manager, you need to have the proper skills and experiences. A well-crafted Athletic Equipment Manager resume can help you stand out from the crowd and land your dream job. Follow our guide on How to write an Athletic Equipment Manager resume to get started.

1. Resume Summary

Your resume summary is the first thing that potential employers will read. Therefore, it’s important to make a strong first impression. In a few sentences, highlight your skills, experiences, and achievements that are relevant to the job description. Be sure to mention your education and any certifications you may have.

  • Briefly introduce yourself and state the position you are applying for.
  • Highlight your qualifications and experiences that make you an ideal candidate.
  • Mention any relevant certifications or education you have.

2. Skills Section

Your Athletic Equipment Manager resume should demonstrate your technical skills, organizational abilities, and attention to detail. Make a comprehensive list of skills that you possess that match the job description. Be sure to include both hard and soft skills such as inventory management, equipment maintenance, and people management.

  • List all your skills that are relevant to the job description.
  • Categorize your skills into hard and soft skills.
  • Use specific examples of your skills in action to help employers understand your capabilities.

3. Work Experience

Your work experience section should showcase your past experiences in Athletic Equipment Management. List your job title, company, dates of employment, and responsibilities for each position you’ve held. Be sure to highlight any accomplishments and achievements you accomplished while working as an Athletic Equipment Manager.

  • List your work experiences in reverse chronological order (from most recent to previous).
  • Highlight your accomplishments and achievements in each position.
  • Showcase your ability to manage different types of equipment and ensure its maintenance and safety.

4. Education and Certification Section

Aspiring Athletic Equipment Managers should have education and certification in Athletic Equipment Management or related fields. Like your work experience section, list your education and certification in reverse chronological order.

  • List your education in reverse chronological order (from highest to lowest).
  • Mention any relevant certification and training you’ve acquired, such as CPR, first aid, or equipment safety.

5. Additional Information

Athletic Equipment Managers need to have excellent organizational and communication skills, so any additional information that highlights these skills can be beneficial. For example, volunteering in an athletic program, or participating in a team sport yourself, can show your passion and dedication to the field.

  • Include any additional activities or volunteer work that show your passion and dedication to athletics.
  • Showcase your communication and organizational skills with examples of teamwork and interpersonal relationships.


An Athletic Equipment Manager resume should showcase your technical skills and organizational abilities, as well as your proficiency in managing a variety of equipment and facilities. Be sure to customize your resume for the specific job you’re applying for by matching your skills and experiences to the job description. Follow our guide, and with a little effort, you’ll have a winning resume to help you secure your dream job.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Lack of Keywords

With many companies using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that scan for specific keywords, failing to include these keywords could result in your resume being overlooked.

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