Aircraft Dispatcher Resume Example & Writing Guide

Aircraft Dispatcher Resume Example
Learn how to craft the perfect Aircraft Dispatcher resume with our example and writing guide. Stand out to potential employers in the aviation industry!
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Aircraft Dispatcher Resume Sample


Experienced aircraft dispatcher with over 5 years in the aviation industry. Proficient in creating and managing flight plans, coordinating with pilots and ground crew, and ensuring safe and efficient flight operations. Possesses excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

Professional Experience

  • ABC Airline

    Aircraft Dispatcher, January 2018-Present

    • Prepare and review flight plans, considering weather conditions, fuel requirements, airspace restrictions, and customer preferences.
    • Coordinate with pilots, ground crew, and air traffic control to ensure safe and efficient flight operations.
    • Monitor flight progress and communicate any deviations or issues to appropriate parties.
    • Provide support and guidance to flight crews, responding to any operational issues that arise.
    • Plan and coordinate emergency and contingency procedures.
  • XYZ Airlines

    Aircraft Dispatcher, June 2015 - December 2017

    • Created flight plans for domestic and international flights using airline-specific software.
    • Monitored flight progress and communicated with flight crews and air traffic control as necessary.
    • Collaborated with maintenance and operations personnel to ensure aircraft availability and readiness.
    • Ensured compliance with FAA regulations and company policies.
    • Participated in ongoing training and professional development activities.


  • Aviation Institute of Maintenance

    Aircraft Dispatcher Certification, June 2015

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    Bachelor of Science in Aviation

Expert Tip

Use a Professional Email Address

Your email address is often the first thing an employer sees. Make sure it's a professional one that includes your name. Avoid using outdated or non-professional email addresses.

Aircraft Dispatcher Resume Writing Guide


If you are looking for a job as an aircraft dispatcher, you will need to craft a strong resume that highlights your skills and qualifications to potential employers. A well-structured and clearly written resume will increase your chances of landing the job you want. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of creating an aircraft dispatcher resume that stands out.


The first step in creating your aircraft dispatcher resume is to choose a format. The most common formats used in resumes are chronological, functional, and combination. A chronological format emphasizes your work history, a functional format emphasizes your skills and achievements, and a combination format combines both. As an aircraft dispatcher, a chronological or combination format would be the most appropriate.

Contact Information

The contact information section should be the first section of your resume. It should include your full name, address, phone number, and email address. Make sure that your email address is professional and appropriate for the workplace.

Objective Statement

The objective statement should be a brief statement that describes the type of job you are seeking, your goals, and what you can bring to the job. If you are a recent graduate or have little work experience, this section can help you to highlight your skills and interests.

Summary of Qualifications

A summary of qualifications is a section where you can highlight your most relevant skills and achievements as an aircraft dispatcher. This section should be concise and easy to read. You can list your skills and achievements using bullet points.

Work Experience

The work experience section is where you can provide more details about your experience as an aircraft dispatcher. Start with your most recent or current job and work backward. For each job, list your job title, employer, and dates of employment. Describe your job duties and responsibilities in bullet points. Use action verbs such as managed, coordinated, and organized to describe your accomplishments.


The education section should list your educational background, including your degree, major, and the name of the institution you attended. You can also list any certifications or licenses that you have obtained.


The skills section is where you can list your technical and soft skills. Technical skills include your knowledge of computer programs, aircraft systems, and regulations. Soft skills include communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. This section should be tailored to the job you are applying for.


Your aircraft dispatcher resume should be clear, concise, and easy to read. Use bullet points and short sentences to highlight your skills and achievements. Make sure that your resume is tailored to the job you are applying for. Use this guide to create a winning resume and increase your chances of landing your dream job as an aircraft dispatcher.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Not Customizing Your Resume

Every job and employer is different, so it's essential to tailor your resume to each job you're applying for. Failing to do so may make it seem like you're not genuinely interested in the position.

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