Accounts Receivable Manager Resume Example & Writing Guide

Accounts Receivable Manager Resume Example
Boost your chances of landing an Accounts Receivable Manager job with our resume example and writing guide. Learn the best tips and tricks today!
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Accounts Receivable Manager Resume Sample

Experienced Accounts Receivable Manager with a proven track record of successfully managing and leading AR teams of up to 15 members. Skilled in analyzing customer credit risk and developing collection strategies. Seeking to leverage my skills to contribute to the growth and success of a progressive organization.

Professional Experience

  • XYZ Corporation, Accounts Receivable Manager

    Manage a team of 10 AR specialists in handling collections, credit analysis, and billing. Develop and implement strategies to improve cash flow and reduce DSO. Evaluate customer creditworthiness and establish credit limits. Collaborate with sales and customer service teams to resolve payment disputes and maintain positive customer relationships.

  • ABC Corporation, Senior Credit Analyst

    Analyzed credit risk and established credit limits for new and existing customers. Developed and maintained relationships with customers to facilitate timely payments. Identified and resolved payment discrepancies and disputed invoices.

  • DEF Corporation, Accounts Receivable Specialist

    Handled day-to-day collections, including invoicing, payment processing, and follow-up on past due accounts. Collaborated with credit analysts and customer service representatives to ensure timely payments. Coordinated with legal team on collections matters as necessary.


  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Credit Analysis
  • Collections Strategy Development
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Team Leadership and Development

Expert Tip

Avoid Jargon

Unless it's a common term in your field, avoid using jargon or acronyms that the hiring manager may not understand. Stick to clear, plain language.

Accounts Receivable Manager Resume Writing Guide


Accounts Receivable Managers are responsible for managing and overseeing the financial accounts of a business or organization. If you are interested in pursuing a career as an Accounts Receivable Manager, it is important to have a well-written resume that showcases your skills, experience, and achievements in the field.

Here are the steps to write an Accounts Receivable Manager resume:

  • 1. Start with a strong summary: Begin your resume with a summary that highlights your key skills, experience, and achievements. Make sure to tailor the summary to the specific job you are applying for and highlight how you can be an asset to the organization.
  • 2. Emphasize your skills: Accounts Receivable Managers require a combination of hard and soft skills to be successful in the job. Make sure to list both your technical skills (such as proficiency in accounting software) and your interpersonal skills (such as leadership and problem-solving).
  • 3. Showcase your experience: Highlight your previous work experience related to managing accounts receivable, including the number of accounts managed and the size of the budget you managed.
  • 4. Highlight your achievements: Use quantifiable achievements to demonstrate your impact in previous roles. This can include reducing outstanding balances or implementing new processes that resulted in increased efficiency and accuracy.
  • 5. Include relevant education and certifications: If you have relevant education or certifications, list them on your resume. This can include a degree in accounting or finance, as well as certifications such as a Certified Accounts Receivable Manager (CARP).
  • 6. Use keywords: Ensure that your resume includes relevant keywords related to the job, such as "accounts receivable," "budget management," and "accounting software." This will help your resume get past Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and increase your chances of getting an interview.
  • 7. Focus on readability: Use a clear and readable font and format for your resume. Use bullet points to make it easier for recruiters to scan through your resume quickly.
  • 8. Don't forget to proofread: Before submitting your resume, make sure to proofread it for any errors in grammar, punctuation, or spelling. Small mistakes can negatively impact your chances of getting the job.

By following these steps, you can create a strong Accounts Receivable Manager resume that highlights your skills, experience, and achievements in the field. Remember to tailor your resume to the specific job you are applying for and use relevant keywords to increase your chances of getting hired.

Common Resume Writing Mistake

Including Too Much Personal Information

Details like age, marital status, religion, or other personal information do not belong on a resume. Including them may open the door for potential discrimination, and they're not relevant to your qualifications.

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