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Top 15 Editor In Chief Interview Questions and Answers

As an editor in chief, you are responsible for overseeing the publication of a magazine, website, or newspaper. To excel in this role, you need to be a skilled communicator, a strategic thinker, and an effective manager. Here are the top 15 editor in chief interview questions and answers to help you prepare for your next job interview.

1. What motivated you to pursue a career as an editor in chief?

As an editor in chief, you must have a passion for storytelling and a deep interest in your field. Candidates should share their interest in the industry and demonstrate their skills in storytelling, editing, and leadership.

2. What are the key skills and attributes needed to be an effective editor in chief?

  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Effective management and leadership abilities
  • Ability to meet deadlines and maintain quality standards
  • Strategic thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Solid understanding of the publication industry and trends
  • 3. How do you manage a team of writers, editors, and other staff members?

    Effective management is key to the success of the publication. As an editor in chief, one must demonstrate strong communication, delegation, and leadership abilities. A leader must strike a balance between meeting deadlines, maintaining quality and upholding the team's morale.

    4. How do you measure success in your role?

    The definition of success will vary depending on the publication, industry, and audience. A successful editor in chief will have a set of key performance indicators that align with their goals for the publication such as audience growth, revenue or circulation numbers, and digital engagement metrics like pageviews and unique visitors.

    5. Could you walk us through your editing process?

    An editor in chief should be able to explain the steps they take in the editing process, from pitching stories to writers, editing drafts, and fact-checking. They should also explain their decision-making process and whether they focus on enhancing their writers' voice or prioritizing clarity and accuracy in their copy.

    6. Can you tell us about a time when you dealt with a difficult staff member?

    Dealing with challenging staff can be a time-consuming and unpleasant aspect of any management position. The candidate should highlight how they approached the situation, the steps they took, and the outcome.

    7. How do you decide on the target audience for your publication?

    An editor in chief should be able to demonstrate their understanding of their readers' needs and interests. They should base their decisions on data such as surveys, focus groups, and engagement rates on digital platforms. They should also have a thorough understanding of the latest trends, practices, and competitors in the industry.

    8. How do you handle negative feedback from readers or online trolls?

    An editor in chief should remain calm and objective when responding to negative feedback. They should also have a solid understanding of the publication's editorial policies and guidelines, and take a diplomatic approach when addressing criticism, especially online.

    9. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and practices in the industry?

    As an editor in chief, constant learning is key, and staying up-to-date is a reflection of good leadership. Candidates can demonstrate their commitment to learning by discussing their favorite industry newsletters, blogs, podcasts or attending industry conferences.

    10. Can you discuss how you incorporate feedback from your readers, writers, and collaborators?

    The ability to incorporate feedback from different stakeholders is essential to the success of any publication. A talented editor in chief should be open to constructive criticism and have a system for incorporating feedback that ultimately improves the quality of the product as well as the relationship between stakeholders.

    11. What is the most challenging decision you've ever had to make for your publication?

    This question can be a great opportunity to showcase problem-solving skills and decision-making capabilities through stories of difficult decisions. That an editor in chief had to make that had a significant impact on the publication.

    12. Can you tell us about a time when you had to manage a crisis for a publication?

    As editor in chief, one must always be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Candidates should share any experiences they have managing a crisis, their problem-solving approach, and how they put solutions in place to mitigate the impact of a crisis.

    13. How do you build your brand and maintain your publication's reputation?

    An editor in chief should have a solid understanding of their publication's branding efforts and its key positioning in the market. They should highlight their approach to standing out from competitors while ensuring that their content aligns with their values and vision.

    14. Can you talk about a time when you launched a successful initiative or project?

    A strong editor in chief will have ample examples of successful initiatives or projects. Candidates should provide details on their planning process, how they defined success, and any specific metrics that showcase the successful impact of said initiative or project.

    15. How do you approach the transition to a digital first strategy?

    Given the industry's transition to digital-first strategies, as an editor in chief, one needs to be able to confidently answer this question. Candidates should elaborate on their vision and how they plan to migrate from print-centric strategies to digital-first strategies while ensuring that the publication's quality standards are met.


    The editor in chief plays a pivotal role in any publication's success. By answering these 15 editor in chief interview questions well, candidates can exhibit their skillset and prepare a foundation for a fruitful and rewarding partnership with the prospective employer.

    How to Prepare for Editor In Chief Interview

    Succeeding in the editor-in-chief interview is all about putting your best foot forward. As the top position in any publication, the hiring process for brands looking for an editor-in-chief will always be thorough and extensive. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the interview and impress the hiring panel.

    1. Research the Publication

    The first step to any successful interview is research. Knowing the publication you’re interviewing for inside and out is essential. Get familiar with its content, tone, audience, and branding. Show your interest by being conversant with the publication’s mission, objectives, and core values. This will prove to the hiring team that you’re serious and committed to the job.

    2. Stay Up-to-date with Industry Knowledge

    As an editor-in-chief, it is essential to keep abreast of industry trends, competitors, and emerging markets continually. Demonstrate your knowledge by discussing relevant industry events and keeping yourself updated on trends in the field. This should show the panel that you’re an authority in the industry and that you can use your knowledge to drive the publication’s editorial direction.

    3. Practice Your Speaking Skills

    Effective communication is essential for an editor-in-chief role. Practice speaking clearly, articulating your thoughts and ideas coherently, and conveying your message with conviction. Be confident in your ability to lead teams and speak to audiences, as this is a vital aspect of the role.

    4. Showcase Your Leadership Abilities

    One of the primary responsibilities of an editor-in-chief is leading the publication’s team. Highlight your relevant leadership experience and explain how you can use these skills to manage a team, motivate them, and guide them towards achieving the publication’s goals.

    5. Demonstrate How Your Experience Aligns with the Role

    Provide specific examples of how your professional experience makes you an ideal candidate for the editor-in-chief position. Use your experience to demonstrate your ability to create compelling, engaging content and your understanding of topics related to the publication’s audience. Show how your past achievements are relevant to the role.

    6. Be Prepared for Difficult Questions

    The hiring team will likely pose difficult questions, such as how you would approach conflict resolution, how you would handle negative feedback, and how you would approach budget constraints. Reflect on these topics beforehand and prepare relevant, measured responses.

    By following these tips, you can prepare effectively for the editor-in-chief interview and position yourself as an ideal candidate for the role. Good luck!

    Common Interview Mistake

    Not Relating Your Skills to the Job

    Failing to relate your skills and experiences to the role can make it hard for the interviewer to see your fit. Use examples that directly tie your skills to the job requirements.