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Top 15 Cobol Developer Interview Questions and Answers

If you are a Cobol developer or want to be one, then you need to prepare yourself for the interview process. Here are the top 15 Cobol developer interview questions and answers that will help you to crack the interview.

1. What is Cobol?

Cobol stands for COmmon Business Oriented Language. It is a programming language that was designed for business applications. It was first introduced in the 1960s and has been used since then for various financial and administrative applications.

2. What are the advantages of using Cobol?

The advantages of using Cobol are:

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Highly reliable and stable
  • Efficient in handling large amounts of data
  • Platform-independent
  • 3. What are the disadvantages of using Cobol?

    The disadvantages of using Cobol are:

  • Outdated syntax and functions
  • Difficult to integrate with modern technologies
  • Expensive to maintain and update
  • 4. What is a cobol paragraph?

    A Cobol paragraph is a section of code that begins with a paragraph name and ends with a period. It contains one or more statements that perform a specific task within a program.

    5. What is a cobol section?

    A Cobol section is a group of related paragraphs within a program. It can be used to organize the code and make it more readable.

    6. What is the difference between a Cobol program and a Cobol module?

    A Cobol program is a standalone application that can be executed on its own. A Cobol module is a unit of code that is used in conjunction with other modules to create a larger program.

    7. What is a Cobol copybook?

    A Cobol copybook is a file that contains a set of declarations for data structures and variables used in a Cobol program. It is used to standardize data definitions and improve the readability of the code.

    8. What are the different data types in Cobol?

    The different data types in Cobol are:

  • Numeric (integer and decimal)
  • Alphabetic (characters and strings)
  • Alphanumeric (combination of numeric and alphabetic data)
  • Boolean (true/false)
  • 9. What is a Cobol subroutine?

    A Cobol subroutine is a section of code that can be called from within a program to perform a specific task. It is used to reduce code duplication and improve the readability of the code.

    10. What is a Cobol data division?

    A Cobol data division is a section of code that contains all the data declarations used in a program. It is used to standardize data definitions and improve the readability of the code.

    11. What is the Cobol procedure division?

    The Cobol procedure division is a section of code that contains the instructions that are executed when a program is run. It consists of paragraphs, sections, and sentences.

    12. What is the difference between a Cobol program and a JCL?

    A Cobol program is a standalone application that can be executed on its own. A JCL (Job Control Language) is used to submit a job (consisting of one or more programs) to a mainframe system for processing.

    13. What is a Cobol EXEC statement?

    A Cobol EXEC statement is used in JCL to specify the program that is to be executed. It is followed by the program name and any necessary parameters.

    14. How do you debug a Cobol program?

    You can debug a Cobol program by using a source-level debugger such as IBM Debug Tool, Compuware Xpediter, or Micro Focus Mainframe Express. These tools allow you to set breakpoints, step through the code, and view the contents of variables during program execution.

    15. What is the difference between a Static Call and a Dynamic Call in Cobol?

    A Static Call is one in which the called program is known at compile-time. A Dynamic Call is one in which the called program is determined at runtime based on the value of a variable.

    These are some of the most common interview questions that you can expect as a Cobol developer. By preparing for these questions, you can increase your chances of getting the job. Good luck with your interview!

    How to Prepare for Cobol Developer Interview

    If you are seeking a job as a COBOL developer, it is essential to be well prepared for an interview. The following tips will help you to get ready to answer frequently asked questions and to impress potential employers with your expertise and knowledge of COBOL.

    1. Update Your COBOL Knowledge

    Before attending the interview, revise your fundamental COBOL concepts, syntax, and functionality. It is advisable to conduct research on current trends in COBOL, software life cycle, and programming procedures. Ordering the reading material, accessing e-books, and participating in online webinars and training can provide a more comprehensive understanding.

    2. Learn About the Organization

    Prior to attending the interview, research the company you are applying to work for. This will assist you in understanding the company's operations, its purpose, and its market position. Familiarize yourself with the company’s products, services, and customers. You may also look into the company's recent developments, challenges, and future aspirations.

    3. Practice with Sample Questions

    Practicing for the interview is beneficial, as it can help you to feel more confident and poised. Make a list of commonly posed questions and practice responding to them. Take into account the questions that will likely be asked in a COBOL developer interview. Polish your responses to differentiate yourself from other candidates.

    Here are a few COBOL developer interview questions:

    • How long have you been using COBOL, and how well do you understand it?
    • Can you expedite your code without impacting the program’s results?
    • What is your experience with COBOL Development Life Cycle?
    • What are the new features or enhancements of COBOL?
    • How do you approach debugging errors in your COBOL code?

    4. Bring Relevant Materials

    During the interview, it is crucial to bring a copy of your resume and cover letter, along with any other relevant documents, such as reference letters, certifications, or degree transcripts. You should also bring a portfolio of your projects, highlighting your experience and skills as a COBOL developer. Make sure your portfolio is well-organized, with easy-to-read samples of your work.

    5. Make a Professional Impression

    Dressing appropriately and having a clean and professional appearance is critical. It is also recommended that you research the company’s culture and dress accordingly. During the interview, be punctual, polite, and friendly. Put yourself in the best possible light by demonstrating your passion for programming and commitment to lifelong learning. Finally, be confident and clear in your communication.

    By following the guidelines provided above, you can prepare yourself for a successful COBOL developer interview. With some preparation, you can stand out from the competition and land your dream job as a COBOL developer.